Cat-trapped (12th March 2009)

I got home last night around midnight after an awesome night out for dinner and drinks with Flo, Colm and Rachel to find a random house cat in my room. My shoe rack had toppled over and shoes strewn covering the floor of my room, and a leopard-spotted cat trying to hide underneath my bed at the sight of me, only to have no luck since I've got boxes of stuff packed below the bed. This has got to be one of the weirdest encounters at 12am.

"How did the cat get in?", you ask? Well, strangely enough, my room (the room nearest to the main entrance) has a cat door built in one of the walls. Though we have Flick in the house, she never uses it and as far as the rest of us at home were aware, the cat door was always locked. Leopard-spotted cat literally broke the plastic lock attachment and barged into my room. I wondered how long it stayed, waiting for someone to open my door to let it out. Thankfully it didn't decide to destroy my belongings, pee, poo or give birth to kittens in my room - that would have been awful.

Hmm, leopard-spotted cat is not very smart...I opened the front door to let it out but instead it ran into the living room. I could hear Flick snarling and hissing, all puffed up as if her hair had caught some electric shock. Easy now, tiger, I'm just going to open the door to the garden this time and our intruder can leave in peace. Flick didn't attack the other cat; she decided to pounce on my leg instead after the other cat took off! Found out from Andy that it was rather typical of Flick not to attack the opposition but whatever is nearest. Gee, I open and close the door and feed you every other day and you attack me??? Cats!!

Andy promised to seal up the cat door with superglue today. Thank you! I wouldn't want to come back after the weekend trip away to WOMAD and find more cats in my room!!

Did I also mention that my car is covered with bird shit? I might be having an Evan Almighty week...


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