Salsa dancing at the Worser Bay beach (1st February 2009)

I went to check out Ramnish's Salsa on the Beach event this afternoon at Worser Bay. It was a free event and I have not seen Ramnish in ages so I have to go! Picked up Sharon who was in town around 2pm and the two of us headed out to Seatoun/Miramar where the event was held. This was the 2nd Salsa on the Beach event and I think it'll continue on most Sundays during the summer period (weather permitting, of course).

Woah, dancing salsa on sand is hard work, man! Especially the spins!! I found myself dancing off-balance with the uneven surface and toes getting stuck in the sand. Still, it was a first-time experience for me and good fun :) It was nice to finally see Ramnish - when WAS the last time I saw you? Also caught up with a few other salsa dancers whom I've not seen in a while. It was nice to catch up and have a few fun dances to Ramnish's ipod and speakers at the beach.

Ramnish was dancing with both me and Naz at one point. All was fine and dandy until he decided to multiple spin both of us at the same time in one direction. If it was on a solid surface, I believe we would do fine but on sand? I wished someone had recorded what happened - Naz and I were spinning in the same direction for a few turns but somehow collided with each other with a bang which sent me falling to the ground. It was so funny! But no, we weren't going to do it again just for the video...Photos taken at the beach today:


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