NZI Rugby Sevens Street Parade (5th February 2009)

The NZI Sevens is played in Wellington annually as part of the IRB Sevens World Series for international rugby sevens. It is a huge 2-day event and Kiwis fly from all over the country to the capital city to join in the Mardi Gras-like event while still enjoying the nation's favourite sport.

I am not a rugby fan but have always wanted to go to the event with a bunch of friends, all dressed up in costumes - it would be so much fun! Didn't plan to go this year as I didn't organise anything with friends so most of us weren't going. In one of my catch-ups with Claus, I mentioned about this and it turned out his work colleague had tickets for sale so we had Saturday tickets to the rugby. AWESOME! Cost us $70 per person for the day ticket. Now all we had to do is look for a costume to match :) What should we wear, what should we wear?? We had less than a week to sort it out - I'm SO excited! My first Sevens!!

So earlier this week, we went to hunt for our costumes. Since there was only 2 of us, I thought it would be cool to go as a couple of something or theme, or two of the same kind. We went to Costume Cave to hunt around for something suitable, tried a few costumes and had plenty of laughs. I should have taken my camera - it was so funny! We tried all sorts from The Flintstones to the Adams Family (I'm too short to be Morticia), police officers (Claus disapproved of my latex Sergeant Sexy dress with clip-on buttons in front - said it looked too stripper-like), and Claus even tried on a skeleton suit (it looked way too tight and showing too many bits...eww...). I guess it was somewhat difficult for us to find something to match as Claus was tall and bigger built while I was small. Plus we didn't have a specific theme in mind and the shop didn't have photos of the costumes for us to look at so that made it even more complicated trying to figure out what we want to be this weekend.

On the same day, we went to another costume place on Ghuznee St, The Costume Company and Claus immediately fell in love with the Superman outfit hanging outside the dressing room. I could see his eyes light up, literally telling me that if it fitted him, that was what he would be going as. Oh dear god...never had I imagined going as an action hero. Nor has it occured to me that I could go as Supergirl (does she even exist???) until the ladies in the shop brought out the costume for me to try on. Claus had fake abs and red underpants which I cracked up laughing so hard when he 'flew' out from the dressing room. Surprisingly I fitted the Supergirl outfit so there you have it - we are going as the Super team! I must admit the costumes suited us well - he looked good while I looked cute for an Asian Supergirl. I could have gotten a blonde wig but with my long locks under a wig in the sun, er, no. It would be rather interesting when we had to go pee because it was a one-piece. Hmm..

The 2-day event started off with a street parade of the nations through downtown Wellington. I had brought along my camera to work so I could check out the parade during my lunch break. Caught up with James and Colm on the way and the 3 of us sat outside the Old Bank Arcade on Lambton Quay for coffee while we waited for the parade to begin.

The parade was meant to begin at 12.45pm but was delayed. Poor James had to go so couldn't watch the parade with us. Flo, whom we bumped into earlier on our way to Lambton Quay came by to join me and Colm. We decided that we should stand up on the bench nearby than sit at our table as the crowd in front of us was beginning to build up and blocking our view.

Around 1.15pm, the parade began with Batucada Sound Machine leading the procession from the Parliament down Lambton Quay and Willis St to Civic Square. 16 teams cruised along in floats, festooned with banners and balloons, throwing streamers and candies at the cheering spectators. Photos taken at the parade:

This is the start of a big party weekend!!


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