Night out with the boys (6th February 2009)

Around 7.30pm, I caught up with boys, Geoff and James, at JJ Murphy's to kick start our big night out. James' sister, Fiona, and her partner, were there with us for a few drinks and Dvita popped over for 1 as well (she was going away for the weekend so couldn't stay out with us). As we sat at the table outside, several people in costumes were roaming the streets, some quite drunk already - well, this is the start of the 7s weekend. Lots of crazy people in all sorts of costumes in town! Oh, just wait till the rest of them come out from the stadium at about 10pm. That is when all the fun begins :)

Me and the boys took turns buying rounds of drinks throughout the night. After JJ's, we headed over to check out Hooch, a new burlesque themed bar opened by the folks who own Hawthorn Lounge. Had my mojito made with cachaca as usual ;) Though the setting is much different to the 1920s gentlemen club/lounge in Hawthorn, one can tell straightaway that it is owned by the same people - just something about the character or vibe, or maybe the list of cocktails served...

Hmm, suddenly feel like having some chips...Us 3 Musketeers headed over to McDonald's inside Courtenay Central for a quick snack. Bought 3 packets of the 'to die for' shoe-string fries and just poured them into a heap on the tray and went for it! Hehehe...

Next stop, Alice on Forresters Lane. If you haven't been to this bar before, you must come here to experience being 'Alice in Wonderland'. We had a few rounds of their $20 cocktails that came out in dainty teapots and cups. Exactly like the Mad Hatter's tea party! So much fun sipping our cocktail as if we were having high tea :P

My phone is beeping non-stop! Friends Colm and Greg (my salsa friend from Christchurch who's up for the 7s) were texting me to find out my whereabouts and both brought along more people to join us. Awesome! In between catching up over drinks and taking lots of photos, I also had a boogie or two with James and Greg respectively next door at Boogie Wonderland. Oh dear me, some of the songs were so cheesy and I laughed dancing with the boys, not just to the funky moves they pulled out dancing to songs like Night Fever, but also because my dress kept falling off! Haha, I had to pull up my dress as I danced - hmm, need to get those sticky tapes next time...

Geoff stayed behind at Alice while the rest of the bunch moved on to Jet Bar and Lounge for more dancing. Somehow we lost a few people along the walk across the street...hmm...Jet was really packed but Colm, James and I found little pockets of space to dance on the dancefloor. At one point, Colm and some random guy were doing a haka - crazy! And there was this drunk guy dressed up in a Wally costume who would purposely walk past me or dance close by and 'accidentally' brush my butt! Argh, the cheek!! I had to ask Colm to dance close by so Wally couldn't get to me. Sheesh! So typical of a 7s weekend...Photos taken tonight:

The remaining 3 of us continued on to The Establishment for more boogie but didn't stay long - it was so packed and the floor had lots of broken glass. We finished off with a few dances at The Temperance and headed home around 1.30am. What a long day this has been but I had such an awesome time with my boys :) You guys are the best!


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