Gaura Yoga (12th February 2009)

What the f%^k happened to the sunny weather we've had???! I ran home from work and was absolutely drenched!

Caught up with Dvita around 6pm at Gaura Yoga Wellington on Vivian St. Our dear princess (ah yes, I think the nickname I've given her is now stuck for good because most of us know when we say Princess, it means Dvita...hehe...well, she is the baby in the group, being the youngest of us all) suggested we go check out another yoga place this evening. I've heard of this place from friends before but never tried it. Since Dvita was keen to go, why not?

Very different to Bikram Yoga, this place was a yoga centre and upon entering the place, I felt I had zorbed into a yoga retreat some far, far away from Wellington City. For $18, we did a Challenge class which included dinner with dessert at the end. Pretty sweet deal to me! The class itself was in a relaxed setting, with soothing music playing softly in the background as the teacher spoke of the moves we had to perform. It was challenging for me as the moves were all flowing fluidly with little time for me to stop and think about the different moves - I just had to go with the flow. Plus, without the heat, I could feel my muscles tense up much more. During the rest period at the end of the class, the teacher sang something like a lullaby in a language I didn't understand - just felt very peaceful and tranquil. Hmm, interesting...

Oh, the vegetarian dinner and dessert at the end of it was so worth the pain I had to put up with in class! Really yummy food :) In fact, I think the food is probably a good incentive for people to turn up to the class knowing there's a reward in the end. Ha! Hmm, perhaps we should do this once a week, Dvita. I wouldn't mind someone else doing the cooking for me once a week plus get some exercise as part of the package ;)


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