El Guincho gig at San Francisco Bathhouse (13th February 2009)

Yet another Friday and end of the working week. My Friday night out pretty much started at 3pm with work drinks at The Kiwi Pub on Allen St. I’ve never been to this pub and honestly, it sure felt weird. Me and my workmates all agreed the place was way to bright white though very Kiwi themed (think paua shells, spoon collections, Kiwi phrases etc.). Doubt we would come back here again…

Home for a shower and change, I was out again at 6.30pm to meet James and Geoff at The Malthouse for drinks and then to James’ favourite Thai place on Cuba Mall for dinner before we went to see El Guincho play at San Francisco Bathhouse on upper Cuba St. It was all a last minute decision to check out the gig and both boys and Dvita were keen so James and I went to get tickets to the gig earlier today. Cost us $25 per person. Frankly, I’ve never heard of El Guincho – all I knew was he’s a Spanish musician that uses samplings and incorporates elements of afrobeat, dub, Tropicalia and rock and roll to create a kind of “space-age exotica”. Sounds pretty interesting – never heard it before so why not? Plus I’ve not stepped into San Fran either!

Caught up with Rachel and bunch who were at Mighty Mighty (across the street where we were having dinner) celebrating Rachel’s new job. Congrats, my dear! Stuck around for a drink and then over to San Fran to see if the band had started. It was meant to start at 8pm but the place was absolutely dead so we decided to come back later and headed to JJ Murphy’s for a few drinks. An hour later, we headed back to San Fran and still no sign of the band. What the? We were told by the lady at the counter that the gig wouldn’t start till 11pm! Sheesh!! Us 4 then decided to stroll down to Southern Cross Bar to listen to the band there and have more drinks to kill time.

Oh, I forgot to mention, my workmates Sam and Scully had been calling and texting me the whole night to find out my whereabouts so they could come join us for a beer or two. Mark was with the boys and the trio must be so drunk! Just wait till they see their phone bill at the end of the month and the number of calls they made to my phone!! At one point as me and my gang were walking to Southern Cross, the phone rang while we were passing by the adult shop on upper Cuba St. Me being cheeky, I dragged James into the shop and starting to tell the boys on the phone where I was, describing to them the items I was looking at :P Bloody hell, those pirate girl costumes cost like $400!!! The boys on the other end of the line were passing the phone around talking to me, and they even got some random person they grabbed in the bar to chat with me over the phone. Argh, they are crazy!

Anyway, back on track to Southern Cross Bar, we kind of just chilled around over drinks and shortly after, drunkards Sam and Scully came to join us. Oh my dear god, I really DO NOT know them! They were just up to silly antics, Sam sitting on the bouncer’s lap (I was praying the bouncer wouldn’t just grab him by the collar and toss him out of the bar) and the two just being quite ‘lovey-dovey’ with one another (and yes, I have evidence of it but damn, my camera wasn’t quick enough to take a shot of them playing tonsil hockey!!!!). They are SO doomed come Monday morning…hehe…

Around 11.30pm, I said my goodbyes to boys Sam and Scully (poor Sam – Scully had to ring up Sam’s fiancĂ©e to come pick up the boy) and the original crew of 4 headed back to San Fran. Finally the band was playing! It had been a long night just waiting for the gig and us walking everywhere about town drinking so by the time we got there, we pretty much had enough and was plain tired. Dvita went out for a smoke and was approached by an older man who had a question for her: “Excuse me, but are you girls escorts?” Dvita came back to our table telling us the story about how she just went nuts at the old man. She told us he said we girls looked so disinterested in our men after asking her the question and she just ranted at him. Me and the boys just cracked up laughing – that has got to be the best $25 spent to see Dvita outraged! And then she goes pretending to cosy up with James just to piss off the old man who was sitting at the table behind us!!

The band itself was alright and Dvita, James and I had a couple of dances in front of the stage (Geoff, as usual, just watches from afar). We didn’t stick around for long as Dvita and I had to be up early tomorrow for our rafting trip (yay!) so left around 12.30am. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157614442554588/detail/


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