Crusty Demons Unleash Hell NZ Tour 2009 (31st January 2009)

The Crusty Demons are a group of daredevil freestyle motorcyclists performing death-defying stunts live on stage and this year, they are back in New Zealand for their Crusty Demons Unleash Hell NZ Tour 2009. When I found out they were in Wellington for a 1-night only show, I went to buy 2 Premium A tickets for $99 each - one for me and one for Helbert. Helbert has been raving about the Crusty Demons for as long as I've known him (he used to race on a motocross bike in his younger days) and this would make a perfect thank you and leaving gift. Yes, he has finally made a decision and will be leaving us for Brazil in 2 weeks - I'll miss my best mate :'( But it's all for the best and it's nice to see him happy and excited to go home. We'll have to keep in touch and visit each other!

Around 6pm, we headed over to the stadium. The place was bustling with spectators, both young and old. I must say, we have one of the best seats in the stadium - our views were smack in the middle of the ramps! Awesome! Plus we were close to the food stalls and toilets :)

The pre-show entertainment was a good laugh. Volunteers from the audience had a chance of fame on the big screen (and get closer to those sexy Crusty babes) and winning cool prizes. The first challenge was a test of guts, where participants had to scull a terrible concoction of milk, eggs, fish sauce and other liquids mixed in a bucket. And if you thought that wasn't bad enough, the presenter topped it off with someone's underpants that had a brown stain on it! Eww...The second challenge involved 2 men getting spanked by a Crusty babe. Hmm, I think those guys on stage enjoyed it more than the prize itself hehe...Kids too had a chance to take part in all the fun and games - one kid went home with a mini-bike. Lucky!

Frankly speaking, I'm no fan of motorbikes and really did not know what to expect. But after tonight, I think I've changed my mind about motorbikes. The stunts performed by these crazy riders from USA, Australia and our country's own were jaw-dropping! The double flips, back flips, and many other off-the-bike flips wowed the crowd. It was such an AMAZING show! One wonders how high their life and medical insurance premiums are...

Damn, my camera ran out of battery and memory card was full before the final act. ARGH!!!

Helbert was poking at me to show me his goose pimples from all the excitement and kept thanking me for taking him to the show. Haha! I'm glad you are enjoying the show, mate! I had an awesome time at the show too - so glad I made the right decision to get the tickets. Expensive but definitely no regrets. You MUST go see the show and experience the wonder yourself! Photos and videos taken tonight:

The show ended around 10pm. Dropped Helbert off at Sandung's place and I headed into town to catch up with George for a few drinks at Coyote Bar. Ah-ha, yet another first for me, drinking at this bar. It was supposed to be where the Crusty Demons after-party was held but when I was there around 11pm, it was still pretty quite. I haven't seen George for a few months so we chatted and laughed, bringing each other up to speed with the events of our lives. George introduced me to a new drink, white Sambuca on ice. Hmm, tasted rather minty, somewhat like liquorice. I like it!

Around 12.30am, we headed over to Red Square for a bit of a boogie. Gee, it sure felt odd dancing in clubs as I hardly do so. Lots of people dancing in their own groups. Sharon (who was here for the weekend) popped by to say hi around 1am and shortly we all headed our own ways back home. Finally I had my dinner at 1.30 in the morning! It has been one Hell of a night :)


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