Buddha Boy at BATS Theatre (4th February 2009)

Damien and I went to see a play, Buddha Boy, at BATS Theatre this evening. It was one of the events featured as part of the NZ Fringe Festival 2009, a festival of theatre, music, comedy, outdoor productions held in theatres, galleries, halls, clubs, pubs, homes, harbours, studios and streets of Wellington. I had no idea what the play was about except that Damien's work colleague was in the play but tagged along anyway. Well, Damien tagged along with me when I went to see The Little Dog Laughed without knowing much about it so it was only fair I trusted his judgement this time. Ha, but it turned out he too didn't know what the play was about! Oh dear me...now that makes the 2 of us!

Tickets cost us $16 each. There was something wrong with Damien's EFTPOS card and he just couldn't pay for his ticket - no worries, I'll get it and you can pay for drinks later.

I've actually never been to BATS Theatre before so another first for me :) It was rather interesting, small and intimate. Sitting at the front, I felt as if we were part of the play. Buddha Boy was an awesome play with only 3 actors and was about 50 minutes long. The story was somewhat realistic which I could relate to even though it was of the subconscious world, where dreams and conversations help two very different people discover what they can't see for themselves. The Buddha Boy was in dreamland in search for enlightment from a mistake he had made with his best friend; a woman, whose life is so dark and depressive, drank herself to the same world as Buddha Boy. And the two helped each other find meaning in their lives.

The play was definitely full of drama and emotion - I kind of felt bad for Damien's friend who played Janu aka the Buddha Boy. In one of the scenes, he was slapped in the face by the woman he loved and for about the next 15 minutes or so, I could still see the red fingerprint marks on his face! Ouch, that must have hurt! Imagine the number of days he had to put up with this as part of the play - you must see the show to support these budding actors for their professionalism!! Thanks for inviting me to the play, Damien - I really enjoyed it :)

Around 9pm, we headed to Momo Tea on Courtenay Place for dinner/supper. I've never been here - another first tonight. YES! It was a bubble tea house that served a variety of Asian cuisines. We shared a plate of Malaysian Fried Rice Noodle, and a few skewers of grilled chicken and prawns. Since it was a tea house, we just had to try their unique mix of drinks. They have a wide selection of tea concoctions and we didn't know what to go for so asked the waitress to suggest a few for us. I tried their peach lemon tea (very nice and refreshing) while Damien had the mung bean milk tea (also very yummy).

We were chatting and laughing away while sharing our meals and drinks. It reminded me so much of life back in Malaysia where at around 10pm, friends and/or family will head out for supper and have food and drinks such as those we had tonight. We should do this more often! Cost us $35.90 in total.

Poor Damien looked so embarassed...It was probably some problems with his particular bank because his card just wouldn't work (for the record, he definitely has the funds). I ended up paying for our supper as well - no big deal, you can get the next round another time. I teased him that he should treasure this moment because it is not everyday that he gets taken out to a play then wined and dined by a woman. Hehehe...even he laughed :) Thanks for another wonderful catch up - looking forward to the next one!


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