BBQ at Bianca's (8th February 2009)

Bianca had invited me over to her place in Titahi Bay a few times but I've never been there to date. Somehow I've always had something else on. I was meant to catch up with Greg for coffee before he leaves for Christchurch tomorrow and Bianca had invited me over for a BBQ as well this afternoon. Hmm, what about bringing Greg along? That way I get to catch up with everyone. Clever, so clever :P And Greg didn't mind going to a Brazilian BBQ either - yay!

I was hoping to catch a ride with the city boys Helbert or Claus but both had already headed off to Bianca's by 2pm so I had drive over with Greg after we picked up some supplies for the BBQ (usual deal, BYO drinks and meat). Titahi Bay was an unexplored territory for me as it is located outside of Wellington inner city, about 30-45 minutes drive away. Hopefully I don't get lost!

Stop texting me, Canezin! Helbert must be wondering if I got lost on my way and was texting me to find out my whereabouts. I'm already on the street, looking for the house! Lots of familiar faces at Bianca's, and we even had Rita and her oh-so-adorable baby boy visiting from Australia. Helbert and I tried to catch up with Rita and family during our travels to Sunshine Coast but didn't end up meeting them. This was a nice surprise to see them back in Wellington! Was very nice to catch up with everyone over food and drinks :) Photos taken at the BBQ:

Greg, Claus and I decided to check out the beach nearby and caught up with Chris and Paula who were strolling ahead of us. Actually, Titahi Bay is a very nice suburban place. Wide streets and easy access to the beach. Though I'm not sure if it is an ideal place for a single like me to live in - it kind of gave the impression to be a family oriented place. Maybe ask me again in a few years...Photos taken on our beach walk:

Left around 5.30pm to have a coffee with Greg at Deluxe Cafe. You have to come back next weekend for the Cuba St Carnival so we can dance lots of salsa! Was really nice to catch up over the 7s weekend, Greg - look forward to see you again soon :) Safe travels home!


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