Adam Page Solo (26th February 2009)

I’ve seen posters of this show called the Adam Page Solo plastered around the city and stumbled upon an article about the show last week which sounded rather interesting. On further digging, I found a video clip of one of his performances on the web and pretty much decided I must go to the show. 1 man, 15 instruments and he could create a whole jazzy piece – wow, I have to see it in person!

Asked around to see who was keen to go along but no one got back to me except Damien, who also wanted to watch the show - sweet! Got us tickets which cost $25 each. It was a general admission ticket i.e. first come first seating preference. We sat about 3 rows away from the stage right in the middle – exactly where I wanted to be ;) This was also the last of the Fringe Festival events we were attending. I'm amazed I did so many this year - awesome!! I had Damien to thank for introducing me to the Fringe this year :)

The show was an hour long, starting at 9pm. It was one of the best and original improvisation of music and comedy rolled into one. Adam is SO talented! You should have seen my eyes light up when I watched him create his songs, playing short bars of music/rhythms with the various instruments ranging from the saxophone to bass guitar, keyboard to b-boxing, putting them into loops with this recording pedal machine, creating a song as if a full band was playing. Absolutely amazing!

Adam was wearing a full suit at the start but we could all see he was sweating profusely so when he asked the audience if he should strip, we said sure, to which he did a strip tease on stage! It was so funny to see Damien’s facial expression when Adam’s yellow tie flopped onto him – haha, I laughed so much seeing him trying to rid the tie! Even funnier still when Adam stripped down to an inflatable sumo suit and continued to entertain the audience with more music. Oh, the hilarity! He also had a bottle of beer which he sipped in parts to create the different tones when he blew into the mouth of the beer bottle for his music loops. I was clapping my hands together like a gleeful kid :P

One of the highlights of the show was the use of a vegetable as an instrument. I would have thought perhaps banging a carrot like a drum stick but no, Adam being the funny man and musician that he is drilled holes into a kumara and made it into a wind instrument! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing - he was blowing into the kumara like it was a small, fat pipe!! Have to hand it to him for his creativeness.

The show was also interactive where the audience participated to the music loops and Adam had to mix up a song that had 3 different music genre on the spot. Very impressive mix he did of metal, bollywood and romantic ballad. A must-see show and I can't wait for him to come up with the next one!

After the show, we had supper at Momo Tea. Hmm, this is beginning to be our regular supper place after shows...Had the fried Malaysian noodles again (it is so yum!), a few yakitori sticks and tried 2 other drinks - a hot almond tea for Damien and cool lemon honey tea for me, both very nice. Reminds me so much of the typical nightlife in Malaysia when I come here :)


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