Hew's singlehood party (24th January 2009)

Hew had invited a few friends out tonight to celebrate her recent singlehood. Yeah, life can take some unexpected turns at times - tonight was meant to be her hen's night party but as the wedding has been called off, us "bridesmaids" were still called upon to party.

I went to join her and friends at Hummingbird Cafe & Bar on Courtenay Place around 8.30pm for a few drinks. I don't know about the others but this bar has always given me the impression it is where older people hang out. By 'older', I mean age 40++. And the songs they play are of my parent's time (think The Beetles, Bee Gees etc). Ok place if you want to talk but not ideal for young women to potentially find a man about the same age range. Hmm, only few of us in our twenties in the bar...Hew and Jane both liked it there so the group stuck around before heading over to Molly Malones, a couple of blocks away, to meet up with Jane's bf.

Oh, did I mention we had Phil who was Phillipa for the day? Haha, well, he had no choice being the only guy in the single women group :)

Around 10.30pm, the remaining 4 of us (me, Hew, Phil and Jane) headed over to Molly Malones to meet Wayne and friends. Not sure if it was the summer air or the alcohol but both Hew and Jane started to pash each other (and I couldn't help but took photos of them hehe...). My, my, ladies - your little stint would probably have 'killed' some of the boys in the pub :P The girls were also giving me tips and lessons on how to play the dating game - me being the most junior of us 3. Okay...shall keep them in mind...Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157612992413899/detail/

I didn't stay out too late as I wasn't feeling up for a big night out so left the gang about 12.30am for home. Will catch up with you ladies another time - have fun and keep safe!

On the topic of male-female relationships or dating, one thing I do find just sitting in the pub, sipping my beer and watching the world pass me by, was the male-female dynamics. There were many solo ladies sitting or standing around with some sort of 'desperate' look in their eyes, hoping that some guy would walk up to them to start a conversation. As I observed the men and the lack of them in numbers, they were just looking around, scanning from one hot chick to another 'hotter' chick - eyes lit up seeing the huge selection of single women available. So many of them, so many choices. Is this why most single men in Wellington are non-commital and rather stay single to play the field given the high men to women ratio, and if single women do find a guy who actually wants a steady relationship, he has got to be a rare find? Hmm...So far, my theory of the men in this town still holds true - they fall into 1 of 4 categories: not-in-the-country, gay, non-committal or attached.


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