Flat belated Xmas dinner (19th January 2009)


Yes, after 3 weeks travelling in Australia, I'm now back in Wellington. Thankfully it's a public holiday today - that means 1 more day to rest up before getting back into the swing of things. Boy do I need another holiday to recover from this one. Did SO much stuff and absolutely loved it! Now that I'm not running around places and planning activities to do, my mind and body is beginning to feel the exhaustion from my travels. Urgh, pain...

Sarah (Andy's gf) and Priscilla suggested we do a belated Xmas dinner for the flat this evening and swap presents. The girls and Andy did the cooking while I was still busy sorting out my stuff (don't worry - I'm not running away from responsibility; have already volunteered to do all the dishes). Priscilla made a simple and yummy lemon roast chicken served with corn on cob and roasted veggies. Hmm, tasted SO GOOD! And there was dessert too after the awesome dinner :)

After dinner, we sat around the lounge and Andy handed out the presents and Xmas socks filled with candy. Priscilla and I both gave Andy DVD kung fu movies (he's a movie buff) while we got lots of smellies (mostly soap stuff). We laughed that perhaps we all stink thus swapping such type of presents - haha! And I had a bar of soap in my Xmas sock!! Oh, so funny...Thanks guys for the sweets and presents! Photos taken this evening: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157612811958776/detail/


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