Dinner at Maria Pia's & Alicia's birthday party (30th January 2009)

Kelly had been trying to organise a group of us to Maria Pia's Trattoria for some time and finally managed to round up a group of us to dinner tonight. Maria Pia’s Trattoria, located in a heritage building in Thorndon (near Parliament), is internationally renowned for its no-compromise, artisan Italian food: authentic, hand made and using the best organic, seasonal ingredients available. I have never been to this place but by the sounds of it, it would be a posh place for dinner. Eeks, I'm meant to save money to pay off my travel loan!

Colm, Dvita, Kelly, David (Kelly's new man), Rachel, Flo and I met up at Maria Pia's for dinner around 7.15pm. It was the first time I was catching up with the group (I've seen Colm and Dvita earlier this week) - so much to catch up on since we last got together. Maria Pia's is a nice little posh place with a romantic setting. Maybe except the part where this lone spider kept trying to crawl on me - get away from me!

As I had expected, the meals were on the $30 mark. Expensive, true, but depending on the crowd or event, it's worth the price you pay. The meals were simple but tasty. I had their Orecchiette con cime di rape - artisan “little ears” pasta in the classic Puglian style with broccolini & broccoli greens, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Yum! Of course, I had room for dessert and tried their Affogato di gelato - vanilla bean ice-cream topped up with espresso and a shot of alcohol. Ooo, this is going to keep me buzzing at Alicia's party later :P Photos taken at Maria Pia's: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157613200872792/detail/

Thanks for organising the dinner, Kelly! We should do another group dinner some other place - I love to try out new places to eat :)

Around 10pm, we all headed over to a house in Mt Victoria where Alicia was throwing her 22nd birthday party. But before that, a quick stop by the liquor store on the way for the others to grab drinks. I was informed by the liquor store owner that there is a hat club in Mt Victoria and that I should check it out - hah, the attention I'm getting from putting on my new hat I bought today! Ah yes, I've finally found a cool hat for myself and had it on tonight with my frilly black cocktail dress - looking rather sexy, I have to say ;P

Caught up with lots of friends at Alicia's party whom I've not seen since I got back from my trip in Australia. As usual, there were lots of dancing, accompanied by DJ Alicia's ipod. Our birthday girl was looking hot at usual - I can't believe you are only turning 22! I feel so old!! I flitted around the house, chatting with different people, dancing like crazy and taking photos as the night progressed. Volunteered myself as the photographer so that our Alicia can just enjoy herself than spend her time taking proofs of her big night :)

Colm and I did this insane speed hat swapping - check out the photos! We went on and on dunking each others hats on our heads, creating a hair mess and got me quite dizzy after awhile. So funny and fun! Luciano and I dance so much forro and samba, and I had many wonderful salsa dances and even did a rueda with Rodney making crazy calls. I'm going to feel the muscular pains tomorrow from all the dancing! Rodney was calling a move called 'New York, New York' which sounded more like a donkey noise "e-yor, e-yor". I didn't understand what the move was - so lost!

Around 1.30am, I made my way home. Thanks for the invite, Alicia - I had a blast! Photos taken at Alicia's party: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157613128188831/detail/


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