Walk to Hawkin Hills radar station (6th December 2008)

James had organised for us girls (me, Kalwant and Dvita) to do a walk and picnic lunch up at the Hawkin Hills radar station this afternoon. Coincidentally, Damien wanted to do a walk too since the day was so nice outside so I asked him to tag along. I've been to the radar station previously with Claus but wouldn't mind doing it again with a different crowd. Different people, different experience!

Around noon, I went around the city to pick everyone up in my car and we headed towards Highbury where we walked uphill towards the Brooklyn Wind Turbine via the bike track route. It was a rather steep walk with most of the path in rubbles (it was a bike track, what did you expect??). Ooo, I can feel the burn in my thighs!

A short stop at the wind turbine for a breather before pushing on to our lunch spot. Damien has this red hat that he wore and I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of it. It just didn't suit him and somewhat reminded me of a little kid minus a bib. Hehehe...hmm, I think you'll suit a cap much better, Damien...somehow the hat on you just looks odd...

Continued on our walk towards the radar station and arrived around 2pm. Oh my god, the girls weren't kidding me about James and his gourmet lunches when he goes for walks - he brought almost everything! Juice, assortment of breads, spreads, salami, salad, dressing for him and the girls. Wow - I was lost for words. All I brought was homemade sandwich and fruit for myself and Damien...felt so unequipped...Nevermind, next time I'll just get James to count me in for his gourmet lunches ;)

I LOVE walks! Especially when it's not windy and sunny outside. Beats working out in the gym, that's for sure! Headed back where we started and dropped everyone home around 4pm. Photos taken today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157610820790577/detail/

Damien and I went to Oriental Parade for him to find his soccer buddies. Some photos taken on our way to the beach:
Not too sure what event was on but there's MC Jinetero rapping on stage

Lots of Wellingtonians chillin' out at Waitangi Park in the sun

A gorgeous day at Oriental Bay beach

Didn't find the soccer players but bumped into several friends along the way. This is Wellington on a sunny day - every couple of minutes, we'll stop to chat with someone we know. Said our goodbyes at 5pm as I was catching up with Adrian at Cubita for coffee. Catch up with you next time, D!

Adrian is a new friend whom I met at my work Xmas party and this was the first time we were catching up since then. An interesting South African guy with a great sense of humour. For our first catch up as friends, I have to say we hit it off pretty quickly as if we already knew each other for awhile - cool! We laughed and chatted over coffee, then a short walk at the waterfront before calling it a day. Look forward to catch up, Adrian :)

After a whole day out, I'm just going to stay in tonight and watch a DVD while my neighbours party it up next door. Doubt I'll get much sleep tonight :/


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