Social dancing @ Chez Brandon (18th December 2008)

It was the last Thursday before Xmas and Helbert suggested we should get all the gafieira students together for a small social dancing session to end the term. So instead of a normal Thursday class at Ron's place, tonight was just dancing for fun - yay!

Helbert and Lake came to pick me up from home around 7pm. You would not believe this but I locked myself out of the house! I practically watched the front door close on me and went 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!'. Oh my f%^king god - how am I getting home later? Priscilla was in Malaysia and Andy was working. I'm hoping Andy will get my text and loan me his key. Urgh, Angelica - how could you do this??! And I was in my flip-flops, a singlet and short skirt, which I had to make do with at the party at Ron's.

Oh, the boys were so nice - they all took off their shoes so I didn't feel left out! So sweet :)

Andy, you are my life saver! My flatmate is so AWESOME - he dropped off the key at home, hidden in a secret place so I could get into the house. Thank you, thank you! I owe you one!

The get-together ended up being a drinking fest as the majority were boys. We joked and laughed so much! It didn't bother me that we didn't end up dancing socially as much as we would have liked. Took a lift home with Victor around 11pm - I wasn't sure if I could trust Helbert's driving after he had THAT many beers...I was somewhat tipsy myself after drinking the super strong mojito concoction Christian made me - oo, I think I might feel it in the head tomorrow...Photos taken tonight:


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