Roda de Samba & dinner at Tay's (20th December 2008)

Slept in till 10am and headed out at 11 for more last minute shopping. At 2pm, I went to meet Ron at Southern Cross Bar for Roda de Samba. Roda de Samba is another new Brazilian band in Wellington made up of musicians and singers from various other Brazilian bands. The weather was raining so heavily today but didn't deter us from going to the bar to enjoy bossa novas and old Brazilian classics.

Ron, as usual, was late. Oh well, no problem - he was just missing out on the wonderful music to dance to! I had several gafieira dances with Helbert, Luciano and Paul who were there. I danced so much and could feel my shirt soaked through from all the heat dancing. I was tired but feeling good from so many hours dancing last night, and more dancing today! Poor Helbert - his knee was still hurting yet he wanted to dance. Paul managed to take photos of us dancing, with one of him holding on to his knee! Ouch...

I flitted around to chat with other friends who were there in between dances. Ron finally turned up in time for the free feijoada lunch. Now THIS I didn't expect - I was here to catch up with Ron but FREE FEIJOADA??? I'm in heaven! I LOVE feijoada!! Me, Helbert and Ron were so cheeky and went back to queue for seconds hehe...Photos taken this afternoon:

Left around 5pm for home to shower and was out again at 6pm to Uncle David's for an early Christmas dinner. Oh no, eating too much, again! Well, it is expected when any of us regulars go to the Tay's for dinner :) It's so nice to have a regular group of people that we catch up for a big dinner once every 2 months or so and update each other with the events in our lives. Mervyn and Joanne weren't around this time as they are travelling in South East Asia. Regulars like me, Jane and Urwin, Russell, Pansy and Joshua, were there tonight, and we had a few other friends of Uncle David and Auntie Daphnne join us. Photos taken tonight:

I often get teased by them for coming to dinner on my own - I'm the only one of the group (not including Mervyn, Joanne and Jolynn) who's still single and often the tease (and sometimes, envy) of the others. Well, I'm waiting for you guys to make the introductions to your single, eligible male friends ;P

Yawn, I'm so tired...Was home by 11pm as my eyes were about to close. Thanks for another wonderful dinner and catch up, Uncle David and Auntie Daphnne! We ate so much and still had leftovers to take home!


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