One last catch up with Kalwant (22nd December 2008)

Having a really slow day at work and half the team aren't here. Found myself going in and out the office just to soak up some sun. At 5.30pm, headed over with Kalwant and friends to The Malthouse for one final catch up before our girl leaves NZ tomorrow. So sad to see her go but we are all happy for her to start her new life in Perth. And who knows, she might be back before we even know it ;). Photos taken at The Malthouse:

I'm going to miss you so much, girl! Best wishes and promise to keep in touch!!

I wasn't planning to stick around for long but ended up back at Kalwant's place for drinks and pizza till 10pm. My god, I've been eating and drinking almost everyday and it's only the start of the holiday season!


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