Last night at Latinos Bar (19th December 2008)

Honestly, I'm so not in the head space for work. My head is all woosy from lack of sleep and Christian's drink concoction last night. Most colleagues have started to leave for their year-end holidays and the office was so quiet. We had a restructure of teams today so had to move desks. Photos taken of the silly antics in the office today (well, it's Friday...):

Scully and Jonesy redecorating the Xmas tree on top of Scully's desk

The boys had pushed the desk and the orange screen to block
Chris (our manager) from getting to his desk - naughty!

Let's see how Sambo will get to his desk! :P

Took a walk around town after work to check out the shops. Found a few items of my liking - gee, when was the last time I shopped?? Saw these kids playing Xmas songs around Lambton Quay:

Ooo...I found a really nice black dress for tonight's salsa party at Latinos Bar. I hope it wouldn't 'kill' too many people at the party...:P

A quick nap before meeting Ron for dinner. Somehow, plans changed and instead of having dinner with Ron, I had dinner with Colm at The Craftsman. De-ja-vu - I was here with Sam, Jeremy and Nicky for work drinks yesterday....I've never had a meal here before and when I saw steak on the menu, I just had to have it. Colm and I ended up having the same stuff - beer and 300g sirloin steak. Hehehe, I'm a boyish girl - I like my beers and meat ;) Cost us $28 per person which was reasonable for a bar meal. We chatted and laughed over the events of our lives, then headed to The Malthouse for another drink before going to Latinos Bar to meet up with our friends.

Latinos Bar was absolutely packed tonight! It has been a very long time since I last saw it packed from wall to wall where there was little space to move and everyone danced really close with lots of toe-stepping and elbowing. In between dances, I had to head to the entrance to get some fresh air and cool down - it was just too hot and humid inside!

I danced SO much and took lots of photos of this place. Lots of memories here over the years and it was really sad to see it close down. It was the very last time us salsa dancers will dance here - the owner decided to wind up the business for good and none of us have heard of anyone planning to buy over the place. I wonder where will the Wellington crowd dance salsa on Fridays after this...Photos taken tonight:


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