Kalwant's farewell party (12th December 2008)

It’s Friday again – yay! Caught up with Sonja and Erik for a drink at Chow on Tory St. The two were about to leave for their trip to Western Australia so this was the last catch up before they take off for a few weeks.

Left the German couple after 1 beer to meet up with Ron at Molly Malones. He was out and about with his friends on a pub crawl and asked me to meet him in town to escort him to James’ house where Kalwant was having her farewell party. The days are just passing by so quickly and only another week to go before Kalwant leaves Wellington for Perth. Sigh...

It was only 10pm when we arrived at James’ place on Webb St and many people were tipsy already! Girls Kalwant and Dvita were in no frame of mind to strangle Ron for his mischief on Facebook as they were in their own world…hehe…damn, I was SO looking forward to see Ron get beaten up ;P As usual, I’ve got my camera handy to take all evidence of the night’s events. Lots of funny photos from our silly antics and at some point, I was chasing Mark around the house because he ran off with my camera!

Salsadrome was on at the Webb St studios so a few of us salsa dancers walked next door for a few dances. Normally, Salsadrome is held at the Wellington Performing Arts Centre on Vivian St but shifted to Webb St for the summer months. Sure felt odd dancing in the dance studio – somewhat small and felt more like a dance practice than social dancing. For about 45 minutes, I was on the dance floor dancing non-stop! Steve was dancing with me, pulling out moves shaking me like I was a rag doll. It was cool but I would probably feel the pain on my neck tomorrow…

Back over next door to Kalwant’s party. Friends were scattered upstairs in James’ living room crooning their lungs out on SingStar while others were in the garage downstairs dancing to Felix’s DJ-ing. A small group of us (Kelly, Colm, Dvita, Kalwant and me) headed into town to boogie some more with Damien and his friends till 2am. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157611277107288/detail/


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