Fun-filled weekend with friends (13th - 14th December 2008)

What a gorgeous day it is today! Gotta make the most of it :) Had brunch with Damien at Maranui Surf Club Cafe in Lyall Bay on Saturday morning. Bumped into Ron and his Capoeira mates on the walk back to the car from the cafe and stuck around for a bit to chat and watched them perform before Damien dropped me off in town.

What’s up with the traffic today? The traffic was crazy and the cars were bumper to bumper on Riddiford St in Newtown. Damien and I were chatting animatedly when suddenly we heard the sound of metal crushing – he hit the car in front of us! Oh my god. Luckily, no damage was done to the car in front (and it was a posh car too) and the driver was rather calm about the whole thing when Damien got out of the car to apologise. Damien’s station wagon had a little dent on the front bumper. Opsie…I think I’m going to shut up while you concentrate on the wheel for now…which only lasted less than 2 minutes and we cracked up laughing at what happened! That was just random and thank god nothing serious happened to us or the other vehicle.

Thanks for a lovely brunch and dropping me off, D! Around 2pm, I caught up with Chris for a few beers out in the sun at The Port CafĂ© at Chaffers Dock. Ah, this is the life, sitting out in the sun in good company over drinks with a view overlooking the city harbour and skyline…hmm…

Adrian popped over to join us and we (me and Adrian) left for a coffee at Cubita shortly. Was nice catching up with you, Chris! Catch you again soon. Adrian, the cheek, made me buy coffee, again! Not that it bothered me but he was just being a real cheeky about it all - hmph! :P We headed over to Tiger Eye Beads on Cuba Mall after our coffee where we spent the next hour or so making his good friend, Emma, a dainty necklace for Christmas. Aww, how sweet! I had lots of fun just watching and helping him (even taking photos and teasing him) with his necklace design and making it up. A very unique way of making a personal gift for someone special, I say :) I’m sure Emma will love it!

More chit-chat and laughs over drinks in the last bit of sun for the day at The General Practitioner on Willis St. It was our first time at this bar that had lots of surgical tools hung around – it was once a surgery in the early 1900s which was how it adopted the name. Another tick of firsts for me! And since it was the Christmas season, we were given crackers to pop as well - cool!

I had an awesome day out with the boys :) Photos taken out and about town today:

Sunday was another amazing day and Damien suggested we take a drive up to Otaki where he was going to pick up a chilli tree. Sure, I wouldn’t mind tagging along :)

The drive to Penray Gardens in Otaki was awesome – gorgeous coastal views on a beautiful sunny day. I’ve never been to Penray Gardens. It was a vegetable and fruit orchard/farm where you picked your own vegetable and fruits. Hmm, guess it wasn’t chilli season yet so no trees for Damien. Instead, we each grabbed a plastic box at the counter and headed to the strawberry fields to pick our own boxful of strawberries. Hehe, it was SO much fun picking my own fruit – the best, huge and succulent berries where hidden in between the leaves so it was like looking for hidden treasures! Simple joys in life :) There was a rules board when you first enter the field and you were allowed to try 1 strawberry but no eating in the fields. Cost $5.95 per kg and we brought back 1 kilo of strawberries each which we started devouring all the way back to Wellington. Yum!

Took the scenic route back to Wellington and a short stop to check out the view of Kapiti Coast at the viewing point. Thanks for having me come along, Damien – I had fun! Photos taken on our outing today:

Back home for a short rest and out again at 3pm to Rachel’s place in Brooklyn for a BBQ. A quick stop to grab some beer, meat for the barbie and picked up Adrian in town who tagged along to the BBQ with me. Most of the Raro gang were already at Rachel’s, chilling out in the sun over drinks.

Wellington sure is small – I didn’t think Adrian would know anyone at the BBQ but it turned out Adrian and Flo knew each other from previous work events!

It was a nice, relaxing afternoon spent catching up with the gang. Exactly how I would like my amazing weekend to end :) Gotta love my life and my wonderful friends! Hung out till 7.30pm then off home to unwind before the week ahead. Photos taken at the BBQ:


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