Drinks at Southern Cross Bar with the Gafieira clan (23rd December 2008)

1 more sleep till Xmas eve! So not in the mood to do any work and just feeling exhausted with a sore throat brewing...hmm...It was slow and quiet day at work. Kalwant left us this morning - feeling somewhat sad at the moment :'(

Caught up with Kevin for coffee - it has been a few years since I saw this old friend of mine who now lives in Auckland. Was nice to see and hear that he and family are well. Really, Kev, I would not have thought you would settle to be a family man but I guess when you meet the right woman (and have a kid together), even the notorious player would change. Hahaha... :P Was great to catch up with you, bro!

James obviously also twiddling thumbs at work and was already out drinking with his colleagues since noon! It was a nice sunny day with a bit of a breeze so the two of us decided to make the most of the sun and took a walk around the CBD area.

Gee, this must be a day of the boys! Caught up with Damien briefly over our leftovers for dinner at my place. He had just returned from a tramping trip and was off to Auckland for the holidays tomorrow so this was the last catch up before we all head off to different places. Have an awesome time with family and will see you when I get back!

At 8.30pm, I headed over to Southern Cross Bar to meet Ron, Helbert and Awa for drinks. Awa had rounded us up for drinks tonight as she missed out on our end of term drinks last week. Few other friends cames to join us - Luciano, Janet, Paul and even drink master, James, who was still looking sober when he turned up after drinking the whole day. James, James....

Oh my god, you guys! You didn't have to give Helbert and I presents!! Oh, NOW I know why - Christian (who is currently somewhere in Europe), Ron and Awa gave both Helbert and I a bottle of wine each, together with a handmade card and printed shirt. Helbert and I cracked up in laughter when we saw the card and shirt! The monkeys took photos of us taken over the last few weeks and put them together for the card and shirt print - kudos to them for creativity and great humour. Man, people would think that Helbert beats the students up with his crutch while I scream when the boys don't dance correctly (hmm, maybe I do scream...hehe). Thanks guys - really awesome gifts! Photos taken tonight:

Helbert and I showing off our gifts from the rascals

Me and Ron

Awa and Janet


I left around 10.30pm - was just so sleepy and still have lots to do tomorrow. Haven't even packed for the trip and I still have a Xmas party to attend, gifts to wrap, laundry to sort out blah, blah. Oh, and did I mention that I only have flights and 2 nights accommodation sorted for my 25-day trip in Australia starting Thursday? Yep, the trip is going to be one hell of an adventure!


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