Dinner with Adrian @ Seoul House (17th December 2008)

Caught up with Adrian this evening for dinner and he was feeling like Korean so we headed over to Seoul House on Dickson St tonight. Another place I've not been - another tick on my done list! And it was such a nice day too to walk over with the sun still out shining at 7pm!

We had 2 mains to share - he was craving seafood and noodles so got the Seafood Noodle Soup (interestingly they only have noodle soups and not stir-fry noodles) while I had the Spicy Squid Hot Plate with rice. Adrian had been here before and apparently, the lady boss who takes the order gets quite anal if a table only orders 1 dish to share (there was a 2 dish minimum per table policy stated clearly in the menu). Mischevious him just wanted to see the look on the lady's face so when he placed the order, he started with "We are getting the Seafood Noodle Soup to share..." and took a pause - you could see the look of disgust on the lady's face! She looked as if she was about tell us off!! I knew he was being naughty winding the lady up so jumped in and placed my order. "Did you see that?" he said to me with a grin after the lady boss left our table. Naughty! :P

Like all Korean restaurants, we got several complimentary side dishes to share, including kimchi and muk (made from grains, beans, or nut starch such as buckwheat, sesame, and acorns, which have a jelly-like consistency). For an Asian, I'm really bad at using chopsticks and having Korean chopsticks, which are medium-length stainless-steel tapered rods, with a flat rectangular cross section, and that made it even more challenging for me to eat my meal. Adrian decided to put my chopsticks skill to the test and said if I could pick up a whole piece of muk and put it into my mouth, he would give me $5. You are ON! Spent the next 5-10 minutes struggling with my chopsticks and not getting very much of the slippery muk that just slides through or breaks into smaller pieces. Argh! So annoying!! Even more with Adrian laughing at my attempts. Hmph! You wait...

Ah-ha! I FINALLY picked up a whole piece of muk after watching how Adrian did it and yum, it tasted good :) That 5 bucks is mine, Adrian!!

Wow, the bowl of noodle soup can serve 4! It was massive!! And my spicy squid was absolutely yummy! We chatted and laughed over dinner - it was most enjoyable and fun :) And we felt quite full after finishing both mains. Cost us $14 per person for our meal tonight which was reasonable for the amount we got. We should do this again and try some other dishes next time we come here! Definitely recommend you try this place if you haven't.


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