Dinner at Caffe Italiano with friends (3rd December 2008)

Damien and I had another dinner catch up tonight and he was dropping obvious hints that he wanted to check out Roberto's gig at Caffe Italiano when we discussed where we were checking out tonight so we headed over. I'm pretty flexible and not fussy with food so sure, let's go!

Caffe Italiano is a mix of a cafe, delicatessen and store for suppliers - a perfect place to indulge in authentic Italian food, wine and service. I know that Roberto plays here most Wednesday nights but never been there to see and hear him play. Ooo, Amber is SO going to strangle me when she sees me! Which she kind of did when Damien and I joined her table for dinner :P It was really nice to catch up with both her and Roberto over yummy food and great Cuban music. Lots of diners here tonight and it created a nice ambience of chitter-chatter, wine glasses and cutlery clinking as the guests relaxed to the smooth cool tunes from Roberto. It was the first time I had dinner here and we had an antipasto platter, pesto pasta, salad and house white wine to share. Yum...you must have dinner here if you haven't. So many different things to try on the antipasto platter and the pesto pasta came out looking a bright neon green! And we still had room to try the tiramisu and cheesacake for dessert - oh, too much food! But definitely worth it ;)

I had a wonderful night just chilling out, catching up with friends and laughing over our chats. Thanks for shouting dinner, Damien - next round is on me :)


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