Decorating Xmas tree at home (1st December 2008)

Flatmates Andy, Priscilla and I were home this evening to decorate the flat's Christmas tree - my 1st tree ever! So cool and excited :) For a guy, Andy too was all excited and was just patiently waiting for my return from swimming so we could start. Hahaha....

The tree is about half a metre tall and came in 2 parts from a box. I have never decorated my own Christmas tree before so was just watching and following what the others did, opening up the small needles/stems of the tree to start. Of course, when it was time to drape the tinsel around, I had to drap it on myself first :P tinsel draping technique wasn't so great...needed Priscilla the expert to help me out (well, after both her and Andy had enough a laugh at my work). Next, we each has our little section of the tree to hang the blue and silver baubles, followed by tying the blue ribbon at the front (which side IS the front??). And to top it all off, a nice big silver star. Check out our pretty tree! Photos taken this evening:

Great job, gang! Now we just need to get a few Christmas stockings on the wall (1 for me, 1 for Andy, 1 for Priscilla, and half a stocking for Flick hehe...) and secretly fill them up when no one is home and some presents to put under the tree :)


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