Day trip to Cape Palliser, Wairarapa (7th December 2008)

It was another gorgeous sunny day in Wellington and I was so happy when Damien asked if I wanted to head out to Cape Palliser for a walk – of course! Grabbed my day pack and we headed out at 11am in his car towards Wairarapa. Cape Palliser is another place in the North Island I’ve not been before – it lies on the southern-most tip of the North Island and is said to have some of the most outstanding coastal scenery in the lower North Island. Cool!

Unfortunately, I no longer remember how to drive a stick so couldn’t help Damien with the driving since his station wagon was a manual. Sorry!

Stopped at Martinborough around 2pm for lunch at Riverview CafĂ© in Murdoch James winery (only open weekends and public holidays from 12-3pm). This is SO awesome! Having our meals with a glass of wine at a winery, in T-shirt and shorts!! I’m loving it :) Photos taken at lunch:

Left the winery around 3pm and went for a walk at Putangirua Pinnacles, a spectacular landscape feature at Eastern Cape Palliser. We took the Bush Walk which was a 1-2 hours return walk but somehow got a bit off track and ended up trekking up rubble and large rocks to a valley of huge pinnacles surrounding us. A very magnificent sight. I would be so afraid if the rocks on the pinnacle formations fall off somehow because we would pretty much be squashed. Eeks! Continued on our trek uphill to the lookout of the pinnacles. Phew, what a workout! So many steps up and I could feel the burn on my butts and thighs!! Photos taken at Putangirua Pinnacles:

Back at the car around 5pm and headed to Cape Palliser Lighthouse. It was a lovely drive with gorgeous views of the black sand coast line. We wanted to walk up the 250 steep step lighthouse but couldn’t find a way to get in so gave up and just took a walk along the rocky beach nearby. Note to self: never play with sea creatures stuck on rocks. I was wearing my sports shoes and trying to push a sea snail or similar that was stuck tight on a rock into the water. Next thing I knew, I slipped and had both my feet in the water, my shoes and socks totally soaked through! Argh, karma!! Now I have to go bare feet…grr…

Left the lighthouse and started making our way back to Wellington. Short stop by one of the beaches at the coast for a stroll – the water was still somewhat cold and the sand so dirty black. Around 9pm we arrived in Petone for dinner and got home by 10.30pm. Wow, what a weekend I’ve had – absolutely shattered but was amazing! Photos taken this evening:

Thanks for a great day out, Damien! Will catch up again soon ;)


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