Brunch at Maranui Surf Club (21st December 2008)

Was up at 8.30am to sort out stuff in my room. What a mess my room was with piles of clothes here and stacks of paper there. Guess that's what happens when I'm hardly at home - just chuck things and off I go again. Naughty! Was very happy though to find Radio Active playing Brazilian music again this Sunday morning and it was great accompaniment as I did my work.

Around 9.30am, I left the house for brunch with friends at Maranui Surf Club. This was the gang's last get-together before we all head off in different directions for our year-end holidays. Hmm, the weather ain't very nice but the place was PACKED! Good thing Kim came in early to secure a table for the group or we would have to wait ages!! This place is indeed popular...

Poor Colm had to brave the rain and wind and cycled down to brunch. Next time, ring me up and I could go pick you up, man! Dribs and drabs the others piled in. Only a small group of us today actually - guess some of them had a big night out with Kalwant last night (it was Kalwant's last weekend in town) so there were only 8 of us: Tash, Rach, Flo, Sarah, Kim, me, Debs and Colm. Had their fried eggs on organic sourdough toast for $7 this morning. I have to try the pancakes and milkshake next time - tried a bit from the others and they were yum :) Photos taken this morning:

Rach and Flo sharing a milkshake - aww...

Some brave souls out there kite-surfing in Santa suits

Colm had just got here and having a coffee to warm up

Kim showing off her yummy fruit pancakes

Group photo of us (l-r): Tash, Rach, Flo, Sarah, Kim, me, Debs and Colm

Have an awesome Christmas and New Years everyone and we'll catch up when we all get back!


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