Afternoon with Adrian (21st December 2008)

After brunch, I headed back to the city centre to meet Adrian and we went into town to do some clothes shopping together (for him, really), which was fun. For a guy, he really is into his shopping and we spent 3 hours hopping from shop to shop in town untill he finally got tired and surrendered. Hahaha!

Stopped by New World Metro to pick up some knick-knacks for our picnic today. Hmm, I'm not too sure how he's planning to do this given the bad weather outside. "As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so sunshine is in the mind of the believer" he texted me earlier. Right, we'll just see what tricks you have up your sleeves this time...

Picked up coffee (oh yeah, we needed one) and free chilli chocolates (you get a free piece of chocolate of your choice with every coffee purchase) at Butlers Chocolate Cafe on Willis St. Yay, another first for me! The lady serving us entrusted Adrian with our chocs to which he left on the counter (he was so tired today that he kept leaving stuff and I had to remind him to pick them up). And he left the chocs at the shop! 'You said you can be trusted with the chocs!' said the lady, arms akimbo. I laughed! Oh, Adrian, Adrian - he just makes me laugh and smile :)

We ended up back in his apartment where we cut up the cheeses, set out with avocado, olives, crackers and grapes he bought on a chopping board. Ah, now I know why he was hunting for non-pip orange juice earlier - it was to mix with the champagne he had chilled in the fridge. We found a sunny spot indoors where we had classical music playing while we chatted and laughed over our little picnic. The simple joys in life...I had fun :) Photos of our picnic:

Thanks for the awesome afternoon, Adrian! Look forward to more fun catch-ups :)


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