Sunday BBQ at Jo's (30th November 2008)

Was up at 9am and mindlessly turning on the radio to find Radio Active playing Brazilian songs - this was amazing! Was estatic and ended up staying in to sort out more photos while tuning in to the awesome songs played. Hopefully this is a regular Sunday morning thing on 89FM - I wouldn't mind getting up early for it!

Knock, knock! Priscilla was knocking on my door and when I opened it, I saw her holding up her laptop with Anna in view and we were video chatting each other via Skype! I met both Anna and Priscilla during my days working at Unicomm Accommodation and had not seen Anna since she left NZ - so nice to see and hear that she's well back in the States :) We need to keep in touch and you have to come visit us Anna!

Around 2pm, I headed out to pick up Chris and Damien to Jo's bbq in Newtown. Had a gut feeling that Damien would still be asleep or had just woken up by the time I got to his place and sure enough, he got up just 15 minutes ago. The poor thing looked half asleep climbing into my car. Oh dear, oh dear...that boy works and parties too much! I've gotten used to it as it wasn't the first time Damien overslept on me. Hmm, don't think girls would be very impressed if they had to wait for you on dates... :P

BBQ at Jo's was the usual drill - BYO meat for the barbie and drinks, someone mans the BBQ, someone cuts the cooked meat and serves it round to the rest who sits around the barbie chatting together, and music playing in the background. It was nice to catch up with old friends and meet a few new faces. Lia had just returned from her trip to Brazil, I finally met Will (the guy Jo's seeing whom I've heard his name for months but never met him - coincidentally he knows my flatmate Andy) and met a few Brazilians I've not seen to date (Amanda, Igor, Andre, Dan and Flavio). Conal, whom I've met previously, also came to join us - have I mentioned that this Aussie boy speaks better Mandarin than I do? Yep, and with a Chinese twang :)

Helbert was there with his 1 bad knee but still in charge of grilling meat, and even tried to boogie on his better leg. Hahaha, so funny! And as usual, the bunch would be cracking up jokes, teasing each other, dance and watch Jo shake her booty to Brazilian music (she tries to teach me but I just can't do it as well as she does)...hehe...Photos taken at Jo's:

Left around 6.30pm, dropped Chris home and then walked into town for coffee with Damien. It was past 7pm but the sun still shining brightly as if it was only 4pm. Ended up having a cuppa at Hotel Bristol on Cuba St. Don't be fooled by the name - it's an English pub and the coffee and hot chocolate we had was not good at all (too much milk) but it was just nice to be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the last bit of sun. Found Andre walking by so had him join us for more chit-chat. Home for me after coffee - need to unwind a bit from a fun-filled weekend. I had an awesome weekend with lots of friends!


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