Sponsor me as a Heart Foundation Heart Walker (4th November 2008)

Each day, 16 New Zealanders die as a result of heart disease. It is the single leading cause of death in the nation and many of these deaths are premature and preventable. The National Heart Foundation invests in vital heart research and also runs cardiac care, smoking cessation, physical activity and nutrition programmes throughout New Zealand. Those red tick symbols you see in food packaging that you purchase - those are the work of the Heart Foundation. It is one of the many programmes run by the organisation that leads the way in improving the food New Zealanders eat thus improving health and wellbeing.

As most of you know, I'm a fan of walks and when I saw this opportunity to walk for a good cause, I was all for it! Signed myself up today for $5 as a Heart Walker to raise money for the National Heart Foundation. As a Heart Walker, I have to walk a 5km flat course this Saturday that begins at Waitangi Park, Chaffers Marina. There will be live music and entertainment following the walk, so come along to the event! Scott is joining me as a Heart Walker too so come and give us your support :)

I also get my own fundraising webpage where you, my awesome supporters, can donate and help the Heart Foundation of New Zealand save lives. The money that I raise will really make a difference so please sponsor me! To make your donation, please go to my fundraising webpage here: http://www.heartwalker.org.nz/AngelicaTan/

All donations made to support me will be sent directly to the National Heart Foundation and online receipts will be issued for each donation - no more messy pledge forms or collecting money or organising receipts; it's all simple, secure and automatic.

Help me as I join the walk to help stomp out heart disease!


  1. You certainly have a golden heart doing that charitable bit for a worthy cause. Keep up your good work! Mum is proud of you and yes, count me in as one of your sponsors.


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