The Potbelleez at Loaded Hog (8th November 2008)

I'm SO knackered and my day isn't over yet! Left Ron's place at 5pm, rushed home to shower and got changed, downed a cup of coffee for my night caffeine boost, and out again at 7.30pm to meet up with Kalwant and Dvita at Kalwant's place. Us girls and a few other friends (Claire, Lee and Selina) had organised a group dinner at Wagamama tonight before we headed over to the Loaded Hog to watch band, The Potbelleez, play live. I love Wagamama's Chilli Chicken Ramen - absolutely must try if you haven't. The ramen is served with fresh chillies, giving it quite a kick. I had plum wine to accompany my yummy meal. Ah, so satisfying...Cost me $24.50 all up for the main and drink. We decided to skip on dessert - no more space for it!

James came by to meet up with us and around 10pm, the group headed to Loaded Hog to meet up with boys Geoff, Hayden and Colm for a few drinks as we await for the doors of the venue to open. It was great to see Colm without his crutches tonight - the boy is still recovering from his biking injury but still out and about having fun :)

Around 11pm, we collected our tickets from the front desk and went in. Lots of younger people in the crowd tonight, making some of us feel somewhat old amongst the crowd. Oh well, we'll have our own fun, regardless of age because we are a fun and crazy bunch! :) There was a live DJ playing before the main band went on at midnight, all the top clubbing songs where we boogied and drank to.

The Potbelleez is a 4-piece Irish-Australian house/electro music group. When Kalwant asked me to come along, I had no idea what I was going to - I've only heard 2 of their songs on the radio and that was it. Though unsure what I was signing myself up for, I was all for it - hardly watch live bands so why not? Cost us $35 per person for the event.

James dared me to push my way to the front of the stage - ha, don't you dare me James! I grabbed his hand and we squeezed our way through to the front, ending up 2 rows from the front of the stage and danced there for the next hour or so while the rest remain at the back somewhere.

I would say that The Potbelleez are more like a live DJ-ing band. Lots of jumping to the pumping music, and it was awesome to see female vocalist, MC Blu, sing and rap. The 2 DJs of the music group, Dave Goodie and Johnny Sonic, were free-styling on their turntables while taking a swig of tequila in between. Was a joy to see them do their thing!

James!! Help!! I'm getting squashed here!! Everyone was trying to push themselves closer and closer to the stage...and James ran off with a blonde chick, leaving me on my own!!! Tsk, tsk, James! I'm heading back to find the others...

Was feeling tired so left and walked home with Colm around 1am. We bid our goodbyes at Courtenay Place - see you later today! Yeah, we have another groupie do later today...ah, ain't life wonderful. So many cool things to do and awesome people to share the experiences with :) Was home by 2am. So ready to fall into bed. Photos taken tonight:


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