My head dress for the costume party has arrived (24th November 2008)

First working day back from Melbourne and to my surprise, I'm not feeling jetlagged or tired, which isn't very normal. Hmm, I think it could be that Annabel Trends Stripy Squidgy pillow I bought for AUD20 at Melbourne airport as advised by Kalwant. Seriously, if you are like us, flying everywhere so often, this neck rest/pillow does wonders. Allows me to sleep throughout my flight! A bit costly but definitely worth it - thanks for sharing the secret Kalwant! Hehe... :)

Oh, the head gear I bought from Trade Me has arrived. YES! Check it out, check it out!

You've probably guessed what I'll be going to the Telecom Christmas Party as this year. Yep, you guessed right - a Qing dynasty princess like the ones seen in Taiwanese TV series Princess Pearl ("Huan Zhu Gege"). The theme this year is A Night In The Orient and the first image that came to mine was to go as a Chinese princess. Oh, but it's so hard to source for the costume! This head gear was bought from Trade Me for $15 and it was part of an adult sex costume. Ah, don't you get wild ideas - I only bought the head gear, not the full attire. Now I just have to find a Chinese dress and other accessories to match from Trade Me. I hope I'll find something - the party is this Friday! ARGH!


  1. Hey, hey, hey...that was a cute one!! I love it a lot. This reminds me of my yukata (japanese tradition custom costume) in my cupboard. Have not had the chance to wear it yet..Sad.. Hope to wear it soon!!


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