Last day: Weekend in Melbourne (23rd November 2008)

Was up at 9 this morning and it was another gloomy day outside. Girls Kalwant and Euleste decided we should head to St Kilda (a suburb in Melbourne 6km from CBD) for brunch today so left around 11am to catch the tram there. Sharon and Mark wanted to sleep in so we left them to their own devices.

Hmm, the weather seems to be clearing up as the day goes on but still a tad chilly and windy….Arrived at St Kilda about 11.45am. Cost us AUD6.50 per person for a full fare Zone 1 ticket (which includes St Kilda) for the whole day. We were walking around the block in search of this café recommended by Sharon called Galleon. Spent half an hour walking around and when we finally found it, the queue was so long (from the till to the pavement outside) so we skipped the idea and ended up in another café, Prima Colazhione, located on the main strip. Your typical brunch place and I had another full cooked breakfast – my 2nd one this weekend. Urgh, so bad for health but I don’t care – I’m on holiday! Will work it off when I get back to Wellington :P

Around 1.15pm, us 3 girls left the café to the nearby cake shop to pick up some pastries to take home for afternoon tea. Oh my god, looking from the window of the shop, it was as if I was Gretel and just stumbled upon the house made of gingerbread and candy (well, this was more like a massive display of sweet anything)! Took a walk along the waterfront towards the tram stop and headed back to Sharon’s at 1.45pm. Photos taken today:

I’ve always like Melbourne. Since my first visit when I was 8, I promised myself then that I would return to live here when I grew up. So far, that hasn’t been quite successful but who knows, give it a few years and you might just find me here. I enjoy the art and culture scene, living in a metropolitan city and just be in the mix of a diverse demographic. The weekend here has just zipped by so quickly – 3 days is not enough!

The rest of the afternoon was spent chilling out at home over wine and our sweet pastries until our taxi came to pick Kalwant and I up for the airport at 4pm. A couple more photos taken at home:

My bed for the weekend - very comfy!

Polly the budgie

Thanks so much, Sharon and Mark, for having us here this weekend, and it was great to meet you too, Euleste – going to miss you guys and keep in touch!

Arrived at the airport at 4.30pm to check in and then grabbed a bite at Billy Chu's. Had a large bowl of Char Kuay Tiaw for AUD12.50 – not bad for airport food. We also bought a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts each. Some random guy walked past me and stared at my 2 boxes of doughnuts, looked up to me and shook his head with a smile on his face. What?? We don't have them in NZ! Hehe...

Boarded the plane at 6pm. Wow, what a weekend it has been and now, it’s time to head back home. Slept through most of the flight home. Yes, I FINALLY bought one of those neck pillows that Kalwant has - ah, bliss! Felt rather dehydrated and thirsty – hmm, could be the mix of wine and the food I had earlier. Oh, oh, and someone fainted in the plane! That caused quite a stir – an Asian man passed out on the aisle and several helpful passengers caught him in time. He poor man was laid him down on the aisle and given an oxygen mask to breathe into. Shortly after, he was up and walking again. Luckily no big drama but still caused excitement on board.

Yawn…finally arrived in Wellington at 12.20am. Bumped into Bill at the baggage collection area who had just arrived in from Australia as well. I got home, dropped my bags, showered and was in bed by 2am. Not looking forward to work in the morning…


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