It's Guy Fawkes Day again! (5th November 2008)

Today was my first day working from home in my new place. Not too sure what was with the internal network connection but I kept getting disconnected in between doing work - urgh! Went swimming for the first time since my trip back from the Cook Islands during lunch break and boy was it tiring. Feeling so unfit...

Grabbed a takeaway lunch at Chilli Jam in Newtown on my way home. Girlfriend Chris mentioned this place to me before but I've never tried it to date. A modern fusion burger place that serves some pretty interesting combinations of burgers, wraps and salads. I had a Fly Tokyo for $10 - grilled fish of the day with earthy seaweed salad, julienne daikin, wasabi avocado puree on corn bread bun. Quite yummy though not a location I would see myself going often as it is somewhat out of my way. Photo of my lunch:

Around 6.30pm, I walked over to Temperance Bar where Paula was having her birthday drinks before everyone heads out to see the firework display later tonight. Yes, it is indeed Guy Fawke's Day again and the Pelorus Trust Sky Show annual fireworks display will start around 9pm for about 15 minutes. It still amazes me that we celebrate the day Fawkes tried to blow up the parliament centuries ago...

Bumped into birthday girl on the way and we were the first two at Temperance! Oh, the poor thing has the sniffles - been partying too hard, eh? Paula, Bianca and Mariana had a Halloween-themed birthday bash on Friday which I couldn't attend as I was moving house. Heard it was quite a party I had missed. Bummer!

Dribs and drabs, friends turned up. I had asked friends Chris, Scott, Damien, Hew, Lak and Kim to meet me there - they all wanted to catch up and watch the fireworks together so I thought it would be easier to pool them together, let them get to know a few new friends and then go see the fireworks altogether :) Lak and Kim popped by briefly, Chris stuck around with me and Scott came by with his mate, Rufus, just in time to grab me and Chris over to the boatsheds at Oriental Bay marina to watch the fireworks. The others wanted to come along but we lost them somehow in all the commotion...

This is SO COOL, Scott! I've never sat on the roof of the boatshed and the view of the fireworks from here was AWESOME! Lots of Wellingtonians were out despite the chill for this annual event. Photos taken tonight:

By 9.30pm, we said goodbyes and walked to our respective homes. So handy to live in town :)

Quick update on my fundraising progress - so far friends have donated up to 95 bucks (my goal is $250 so please everyone, help me reach the target). Oh, and you can donate for Scott and Claus as well (yay, Claus is joining as a Heart Walker too). Scott, I'm keeping tabs on your fundraiser so you don't cheat and just put your own money to beat my fundraised figure :/ grr...But then again, all the money goes to Heart Foundation so you can beat my target if you so wish to - everything goes in for a good cause!


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