Helbert is 'broken' (18th November 2008)

Helbert came to pick me up for the regular Tuesday gafieira class at Christian's and the first thing I saw when I stepped into the car was a crutch and a strapped up left leg. What happened to you??! Turned out he injured himself while attempting some snowboarding jump stunt in the ski fields over the weekend and tore his knee ligament. This is not good at all, especially when we had scheduled a trip to Cairns and Brisbane next month! And he stills want to teach dance class tonight!! Do you think you are superhuman and that your leg will magically heal itself overnight??! Fine, do whatever you please but that leg of yours better be ok by the time we head to the Great Barrier Reef for diving. Sheesh, he's as stubborn as an ox...

The next thing I noticed about him was his hair. When did it get SO DARK?? Oh, it was hilarious when he told me the story behind it - he had finally had enough of his dusted hair (yeah, he had ash brown hair with lots of white in between which made it look as if some white powder was sprinkled onto his whole head) so got Lia to dye it for him. Somehow, the dye turned his whole head orange and had to re-dye his hair, only this time, it made his hair turn black. In fact, as black as the pupils of his eye which looked odd given his other hair bits were lighter in colour. Oh dear, I can so see the teasing the rest of the bunch would give him tonight!

Christian, Awa and I cracked up laughing when Ron walked into practice and the first thing he questioned was the hair and not the crutch! Oh, we so have to take a photo of Helbert to remember this sight :P I have to agree with Ron that Helbert does look a bit Robocop-like with one leg strapped up - too straight! Helbert could only instruct us to perform the dance moves and occasionally manage to prod us if we got too close - eeks!

Part way through practice, Christian had a phone call so we took a break. I found Christian's camera lying on his kitchen bench and started to take photos of Helbert but he took off his top to cover his head before I even got a shot! Ron and I were trying to grab the shirt off him as he wobbled on his better leg and tried to smack us as we neared with his crutch. Christian was probably wondering what on earth was going on in his apartment, all the laughing and squealing. Oh my god - I laughed so much my tummy hurt!

Whoever sees the photos in taken on Christian's camera might get wrong ideas about him as he has photos of a semi naked man (Helbert)...just thinking about me makes me laugh - you've got to see it for yourself. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157610404518774/detail/


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