Heart Walker countdown - 2 days to go! (6th November 2008)

2 more days to go till my walk! Exciting!!

I've not done a fundraiser which doesn't require me taking donations in a collection box and going around asking people to donate; instead, everything is done online and through word of mouth. Less hassle and mess plus people don't run miles when they see me walking towards them...hehe...Though I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that some organisations I'm a member of were not willing to help spread the word. Reasons I was given include:

"if we help you, we have to help every other member of your kind and this will cause too many problems"

"this is seen as an individual pursuit"

"you do not have a loved one with the disease so there's no solid story for us to feature your fundraiser"

Seriously, do I NEED a reason to do something good???!! Isn't it something one does just because it feels right??? Plus none of the money comes through to me or for my self benefit! Sheesh...Well, at least I have tried to put the word out in the various channels of mass communication I could think of. Now it's just a matter of you good people out there doing your part.

This may sound crazy but just watching the fundraiser amount increase throughout the day, it just makes me feel really happy :) Friends and family from abroad are also chipping in to support my walk for the great cause. Thanks everyone - every cent you contribute will make a difference! We've collected $200 in my fundraiser so far. Great job everyone! Please tell all your friends and family about this and keep the donations coming in!

I'm looking forward to the walk this Saturday, rain or shine!!


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