Heart Walker countdown - 1 more day to go! (7th November 2008)

Still accepting your support and donations!! Had put out the word again at work today and my emails didn't stop sending me alerts that someone has donated! My awesome workmates chipped in and we are now past $400 - YES! Oh, and they are so funny, putting some quirky remarks - Tama commented that if Sam shaved his head, he would double his donation. I would have loved to see THAT happening and take a fabulous photo for my fundraiser webpage. Pity Sam was too chicken to do it...pok, pok, pok... :P

Oh yeah, I went to see my new dentist today at Symes de Silva and Associates on Courtenay Place. Was due for my annual check and have been feeling tooth sensitivity when drinking cold drinks so decided I had to find out what was going on. Normally, I would get all dental work done in Malaysia as it cost much less but my dental surgeon had migrated to Perth! And now I have to find a new one!! Seriously though, dental work in Malaysia is WAY cheaper. Couple of years back, I did a quote at another dental clinic in Wellington for my wisdom teeth extraction (woe is me - I've no wisdom teeth!) and it would cost me $250 per tooth whereas when I had it done back home, cost me a mere $50 for the whole procedure plus polishing and filling. Of course, I get to see my family as well so it turned out to be a great deal :)

I must say, the dental clinic looked really impressive - the moment you step out to the 1st floor of the building, you could smell the 'dental clinic' smell. Trust me, you KNOW you are at the right place. A receptionist signs you in and you wait in the waiting area until you get called. I met up with dental surgeon, Graham Symes, for a 15-minute dental examination, xray and polish for $55. You can watch TV while the surgeon does his work! There was a flat screen TV mounted on the ceiling in the room where I was - how cool is that!

Whatever Graham used to polish my teeth, it was yummy - smelt like strawberry :)

So, the verdict? Condition of teeth was good with little tartar built-up. But (yes, there is a but), I need to have one of my back tooth crowned as the tooth was getting more brittle and the filling was breaking off easily. A 2-part procedure where I get to choose to use either a gold or porcelain crown (gold last longer but all I could think of was how much I would look like Captain Jack Sparrow when I smile...), which would cost me $1300. Bloody hell - I would need to fundraise for that!

The rest of my evening spent at home - was in my flannel PJs by 6.30pm! Caught up with flatmate Priscilla over dinner and then back to my room to sort out more stuff that I had shoved underneath the bed. Taking it easy tonight as tomorrow is going to be a full-on day with friends!


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