Dinner with friends at Amigos (1st November 2008)

At 6pm, Chris and I headed over to Helbert's for pre-dinner drinks and friends Sandun, TJ, William and his flatmate, Roshan, joined us sitting around for drinks in Helbert's room (I know, it sounds a bit strange but we managed to fit enough chairs in the room for the group).

Around 8pm, we finally left for Amigos Chilean Restaurant on Riddiford St in Newtown for dinner. It was where Helbert, Chris and I decided we would go - my shout to thank the boys for helping me out with my move :) And Helbert being Helbert, he rounded up a few more people and our threesome turned into a huge group dinner. I didn't mind since it had been quite some time since I last caught up with Sandun and TJ (most of us used to live in the same hostel on Taranaki St). We were all chatting and laughing when the lotto results were being announced on TV. Helbert took out his ticket to check when at the same moment, the power in his house just turned off! We all cracked up laughing and teased him of his predicament. Guess that's the cue for us to go!

Chris, Sandun, Helbert and I piled into TJ's car to the restaurant. Joshue and another Latino (hmm, haven't seen this guy before) were playing cool Latin pop music when we got there while manager Christian was having his dinner. I like coming to Amigos because it is very Latino - chilled out, personal service by Christian and one of those places you go to only when you have plenty of time and no rush because the service can be somewhat slow. Oh, but the food is good and plenty of interesting beers for you to try! Christian brought out all the beers he had for the boys to pick. Had a sip of Sandun's spicy chilli beer - wow, it sure has a kick to it! It was a premium lager beer with a chilli pepper stuffed inside. Must try!

A large group of young backpackers arrived shortly after we did. It was so funny to see my boys drool at the young girls in the next table. Sandun made a terrible attempt to be a Brazilian. Sadly for him, the girls saw through his joke but good on him for trying :P

I had my favourite dish, the Suprema de Pollo, which was chicken breast with marinara mix served with rice and beans. Yum! It has got to be the best meal I've had all week!! Friends Kim and Lake came to join us as well - welcome back, you two! They've recently returned from Europe and will be in the country for at least the next 2 months. Lots of catching up to do and it was great to see them after such a long time :)

We left the place and drop offs from 10.30pm. Cost me $71 for 3 mains and 2 beers which was affordable for the good food. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157608657582641/detail/


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