Wind storm in Wellington??? (7th Oct 2008)

Was up at 5am, literally 'shaken' awake as I could feel my apartment 'sway' when the gusts of strong wind blew. Of course, just the sound of the howling wind was enough to wake up a light sleeper like me. I wasn't impressed at all; I've not been getting enough sleep of late and was unable to go back to sleep with this horrible weather! Urgh...might as well get changed and go swimming...

On days like this where the wind blows at up to 150km/hr, I seriously wonder what the hell am doing living in Wellington. I should be in some place warm with more predictable weather! My 10- to 15-minute walk to work took more effort than usual - I was walking at an angle against the wind and when walking down streets 'with' the wind, I could feel myself 'floating' and being 'carried' down the street! Could you imagine my fear that pot plants or billboard signs may just fall on me while walking?? I wasn't able to see clearly as I was shielding my face from the wind and rain that was coming down like mini gun pellets. Even the lamp posts and traffic lights were shaking! I wondered if it would just get uprooted off the ground...Images from the movie Tornado came to mind. I REALLY need to organise my emergency/disaster plan...Coincidentally, this is Disaster Awareness Week in NZ and it just makes one even more fearful that possible disasters, such as weather related, volcanic, earthquake or tsunami, could happen in this country.


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