Well, ain't I famous! (13th October 2008)

I was home waiting for Helbert to turn up to sort out flights for our year-end trip to Australia (yep, my travel buddy and I are shooting off somewhere in the world again) and mindlessly flipping through Intrepid Travel's Australia & The Pacific 2009 brochure I got in mail today. You wouldn't believe who I found on one of the pages - ME! Check this out:
I thought that picture was familiar (was taken in Western Australia last year) and reading the fine print, it had my name written. Ok, I did periodically submit photos for the Intrepid Photo Competition 2008 but I've not been shortlisted to date so wasn't expecting my photos to be used in the brochures - what a nice surprise! I'm now famous!! Well, at least for a year while this brochure is still in use - hehe, my short stint to fame :P Gives me the motivation to submit more photos from my travels to share with the world!


  1. Wow!!! You are really very famous indeed hahaha!!

  2. he he he !!! Amazing !
    How are you doing ?
    I just came back from Spain !


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