Joanne's and Clarence's farewell (10th October 2008)

Today was another day of farewells. It was my colleagues, Clarence's and Joanne's last day with us - both are moving on to another job in Wellington! How could you guys go??!! I've enjoyed working with them and it was sad to see them leave our team but I can totally understand :/ Best wishes in your new job! Who knows what the future holds - the IT/telecommunications industry here is not that big so we may end up working together again!

The farewells started with Clarence shouting the team cake for morning tea, followed by a large fruit basket from Joanne. During lunchtime, a group of us joined Joanne at her farewell lunch at The Lanes Bowling Lounge on Wakefield Street. It was another place I've not yet stepped in but often passed by when driving back home from the gym or pool. An interesting twist to the normal tenpin bowling alley, The Lanes is set up in a bar setting with large screens playing MTV clips, a full bar, food, pool tables and comfy lounge seats. Cost $10 per person for a game.

Ameer, Manesha and I were there as spectators while the others fought it out on the lanes. It was funny to see the different bowling styles (and I even caught some on camera!) and just watching everyone have a good time. Congrats to Mike - he had the highest score of the lot! I think the team should have more out-of-office social activities like this :) Photos taken today:

Back to work for a bit and then at 4.30pm, everyone started to trickle in to Kitty's for Clarence's farewell drinks. We pretty much took up the whole upstairs deck! Unfortunately I could only stay for 1 drink and had to go - Wratty and Louise were staying with me this weekend and I had to go pick them up. Clarence and Joanne, you guys must come join us for the regular Friday work drinks and keep in touch!


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