I'm moving, again! (31st October 2008)

Yes, I'm moving again! No, no, I'm not moving abroad; just moving to another location in Wellington. It was a random and sudden decision after I popped over to Priscilla's flat 2 weeks ago but I guess it was about time I moved into a flat with other people. Was beginning to feel somewhat lonesome living in my 1-bedroom place. I hardly talk to anyone during work hours (such is the nature of my work) and I talk to nobody at home! Besides, I was spending most of my time out of the house than in so was paying A LOT for not being at home. Will miss my apartment and the gorgeous views though...sigh...

Remind me next time NEVER to buy anything! I've only been back in the country for 1 year and I have SO much crap to move!!! I'm not planning to move anytime soon - such a hassle! Going to live from a backpack and sleeping bag in the future...I had boys Helbert and Chris help me with my move after work today - it was the only sunny day forecasted this weekend so I had to make the most of the sun. Thank you so much guys! Without them, it'll probably take me even longer than 2 hours (we were done moving by 7pm) to move my queen-size bed and other stuff. Just wanted to quickly move everything, re-organise my stuff and settle into my new place. Will buy you boys dinner tomorrow night!

Dropped Chris back home (poor guy, his car broke down) and went back to my apartment to clean and move the last bit of my stuff, then back to my new flat to sort out my stuff until late into the night. Photos taken during the move: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157608656259977/detail/

A bit of info about my new place - I'm living with 2 other flatmates, Priscilla and Andy, and cat Flick. Hmm, never lived with a cat so that would be something different. A quiet, non-party, family-like flat is what I gather so far. I haven't flatted with others for a long time so it will take awhile for me to get use to flatting again. Also had to sort out parking of my car as there is only coupon park on site. Cost me $50 a year to park at marked areas but it doesn't guarantee me a park though. Had to get a Justice of Peace to sign off my coupon permit form. And it was quite funny in the sense the JP I saw was from Malaysia and she had guests visiting so while I was there, one of her guests took photos us! The guest said the photo was for her souvenir. Right...


  1. what you moved again??!! But it's a nice place. I like the toilet though hahahaha looks real clean and nicee!!! Like it very much. Hmmm ... queen size bed so any space for me if i visit you in new zealand??


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