Awesome weekend with friends (17th - 19th October 2008)

Caught up with Mike and Chris at Chris's for drinks and dinner after work on Friday. I’ve not seen Mike for a while and was nice to catch up with the boys. Couldn’t stick around for too long as I’ve agreed to meet Priscilla to check out her flat. I've been considering moving out of my apartment – I’m hardly around and pay too much money to not be at home! Saw Priscilla’s Facebook status that she was looking for a flatmate so thought no harm checking it out.

Hmm, the room in her flat at Mt Victoria is nice. Small but clean and only 5 minutes away from my office. Worth considering…have to think it through over the weekend…

Why am I always running around??? At 8.30pm, I met up with Rosel and her friend to see the movie, The Duchess. Interesting movie but it got me quite outraged how men can treat women with little respect. Hmm, I’m a modern woman but still disagree with sharing my man…

Saw Rosel hop on her bus home (catch you another time, girl!) and was about to get my car and head home when Damien texted me to go salsa dancing. It has been a month since I last danced so sure! Met Damien at Salsadrome and it was packed tonight. I wasn’t planning to dance hard out but I ended up dancing almost non-stop for 1.5 hours! It was a lot of fun but I felt bad for Damien because we couldn’t really catch up with me on the dance floor so much. We’ll need a proper catch up when I get back from my trip to the Cook Islands!

You wouldn’t guess who I met at Salsadrome – Claus! I haven’t seen or heard from him for ages and thought he had gone off travelling. Hmm, some of our texts must have gotten lost in transit because he said he contacted me but I never responded. Oh well, can’t trust technology sometimes :/ Was nice to catch up with him and have a few fun dances together. Also met a Russian man whom I’ve never seen at salsa events before. He was probably a beginner or spectator because he wasn’t dancing the right moves nor with the beat but he just wouldn’t give up trying to dance with me. Good on him for trying! Left around 1am for home – just absolutely shattered.

Couldn't sleep in as my mind was going around million miles a minutes with a list of stuff to do Saturday morning. Went swimming, picked up Scott and headed to Ramnish's place to view his flat (he too was looking for a flatmate), had lunch with Scott at this Thai place in Miramar, then went to The Weta Cave before heading back into town. I need to come back to Weta Cave another day with my camera to take a photo of me and the huge evil-looking LOTR beast. I expected more of the cave – it was small and more like a gift shop. It would have much better if it was more like a museum.

Back into town to Oriental Parade for a walk and coffee, and bumped into several friends along the way. Claus and his visiting friend from Brazil, Roberto, came to join us for a bit but the weather took a dramatic change so we all headed back to our own homes about 2.30pm. Home for a rest and then gafieira practice with Helbert before we headed out to Southern Cross Bar for the Brazealand gig.

I must say, I was somewhat disappointed that Brazealand didn’t play any gafieira type songs but mainly forro. Kind of defeated the purpose of Helbert and I practicing earlier because we had planned to try out the steps on the dance floor tonight. Oh well, forro it is then. I was dancing forro with boys Luciano and Claus, and at one point, we were all taking turns stealing Ron’s hat, putting it on and getting the hat ‘stolen’ by another one of us. So much fun! Didn’t stay out too late as I was tired from swimming and a day of running around so left about midnight for home. Was night to catch up with familiar faces I’ve not seen for awhile at the gig too.

Oh yeah, the Russian guy I met last night just wouldn’t stop texting me to ask me out for coffee. I swapped numbers with him when he asked, not really thinking much into it. According to Scott, guys only ask for a girl’s number when he’s interested in her. Oh, well, that didn’t cross my mind – it was just a polite thing to do to swap numbers and I don’t mind having another friend. Anyway, he was persistent on catching up so I told him to go to Southern Cross which he did! I was fine with his presence but what really crept me out was the way he was watching and following me everywhere in the bar. I had to get boys Helbert and Ron to stick around me so I was not left alone with the weirdo. Think he got fed up after an hour and just took off. Phew! Some random Kiwi guy then came by to chat with me and at the end of our small talk suggested we should catch up. I told him he’ll bump into me if he goes salsa dancing – I know I was lying through my teeth because I rarely go salsa dancing these days but I just didn’t want a repeat of Russian man incident. Note to self: no more giving out my phone number to random strangers! I just get stalked!!

Was up at 7am on Sunday because of a loud continuous sounding alarm, much like the one for tsunami warning and got me a bit shaken when it didn't stop going on for over a minute. Looking out my window, I didn't see anyone get out of their houses and there was nothing on the radio or web about the drill. Oh well, might as well get up, have breakfast and start baking some banana chocolate chip muffins for Sonja who was coming to see me this afternoon…

Oh yeah, I’ve decided to move out and into Priscilla’s place. Lots to sort out and pack up, AND I'm going to be away for a few days next week! Eeks, Eeks! Just not enough time!


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