The Umbilical Brothers - Don't Explain (15th September 2008)

It has been a slow day at work today, mostly me clearing out my emails and preparing tasks of mine to handover to my work colleagues for the week that I'm away. To be honest, I have neither started packing nor planned my itinerary for the trip to Samoa. And I'm leaving on Thursday!

Damien and I had bought tickets to see The Umbilical Brothers - Don't Explain this evening at the Opera House. I've seen a few of their gags on the TV series, Just For Laughs (those short comedy gags you sometimes watch as part of your in-flight entertainment), and I love their show - a stand-up comedy mix of mime, super cool sound effects made on the mic, and just these 2 guys with very flexible body movements. I expect the show to be better than on TV. Plus I had roped Damien into coming along with had better be good...

We caught up for dinner at Nicollini's around 6.30pm and chatted over dinner and wine. Yum, I love this place - it's my favourite pasta place in town! One thing I found about Damien was he is somewhat Asian in the sense he loves to try different types of food and wouldn't mind sharing. Hehe, that meant I got to try out his meal too...We tried each other's pasta - he had scallop spaghetti (ooo, scallops...) and I had shrimp fettucine. Oh, I was so full after dinner but it was so good!

Hey, you didn't have to pay for my share! It was nice of Damien to foot the bill - well, we'll have to catch up for a meal at another place another time, my shout :)

We headed over to the Opera House before the 8pm show. Tickets cost us $40 per person and I have to say, Damien, you got us some pretty good seats - 2nd row from the front. Oh my god, if you haven't seen the show, make sure you do when they come to your town. I laughed so much despite having already seen most of the gags in this show. They were even better live than on TV! It was a one night only show in Wellington and the Brothers entertained the Wellington crowd for 1.5 hours non-stop. Their gags include some of the famous ones such as fighting/killing an annoying fly, their invisible pet dog, wedging war with a bully with the many types of weapons etc. Got me laughing with tears brimming in my eyes! The gags I don't recall seeing were the ones of 2 German performers, the Brothers fighting over the mic and the gloved puppets. A must-see show. I'm looking forward to their next production already!

It was a great way to end my Monday with good company and plenty of laughs. And I was glad that Damien enjoyed the show too. Thanks for the company, Damien! We'll have to do catch-up again when I return from my trip ;)


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