Scott & my joint birthday bash (26th September 2008)

Yes, another year older and definitely a cause for celebration! And what better way to celebrate it in style with another September baby, Scott! Scott and I had decided to have a joint birthday bash since we have several friends in common and I have to say, the party was a blast! Thanks to Scott's fabulous party planning (so sorry I didn't help much as I was away in Samoa), we had Christian DJ-ing for us from 8pm till midnight, playing a mix of latin music for us to dance to, finger food and bar tab for guests, and even a massive chocolate mud cake for our party held at Vintage Bar on Taranaki Street. Total cost for my part for the party was $500 which covered the lot.

Friends from my different social networks and Scott's workmates turned up to help celebrate our birthdays (mine a belated one as it was on the 24th while Scott's is on the 27th). Not everyone we had expected to turn up showed up so the place was still somewhat empty - good for the salsa dancers then! All the space to dance :) Oh, and Tia came down from Auckland for the party - you are so awesome, girlfriend! So happy you could come join in the celebration!!

There were lots of dancing, catching up with friends and just a night of fun. I was flitting around the place, making sure everyone was alright and happy. In between my chats, I was interrupted, dragged, even carried away to the dance floor to boogie. It was so funny to dance salsa and have 4 boys 'stealing' me in between the dance, getting sandwiched between some of the boys, dancing rueda, doing the limbo and getting all twisted dancing with Ron, Luciano and Annie with hands linked! Christian threw in 2 bossa nova songs at the end of the night so Helbert and I had a samba gafieira dance as well :)

The party officially ended when the last lot of guests left at 2am. Ah, what a night! I hope everyone had a great time and thanks so much for your well wishes and presents but most of all, thanks for just being there! Christian, awesome songs and thanks for DJ-ing for us tonight! Photos taken at the party:


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