Festa Brasil & Sharon's farewell drinks (27th - 28th September 2008)

Saturday, 27th September 2008: What a party is was last night and more partying tonight! A few of us from my party last night were attending Festa Brasil held at The Loaded Hog this evening. Doors opened from 8pm with bands like Brazealand and Wellington Batucada playing. It was also new band, Zirigidum's first appearance. Cost $15 per person - door sales only. I'm a rather punctual person and do not like to be late at events but after years of attending Latin events, I have learnt to go an hour after the event has started. Chances are, you wouldn't have missed much as the Latinos themselves were also behind schedule! So Helbert, Jessica and I gathered at Ron's place near The Loaded Hog for a couple of drinks, chat and a few laughs around 7.30pm - no rush!

You would not believe what Ron asked me - he asked me if I was still at my party last night when he and our friends were dancing all together. What??! Of course I was there! I only left when the last lot of people left!! Turns out, he gets spots of memory loss after one too many drinks so couldn't recall that he was dancing with me. Oh dear, Ron! No drinking for you tonight...

Around 9.30pm, we walked to join the rest of our friends at the party. The event was quite crowded with many familiar faces - lots of chats here and there with friends whom I've not seen for awhile. Haha, I was even mistaken for a Brazilian by Juliano (he's Brazilian) because I've gotten so brown in Samoa :) It was a fun night where I had quite a lot of gafieira and forro dances with Ron, Helbert, Luciano, Christian, a random Brazilian whom I didn't know who looked like Bob Marley (dark skinned with dreadlocks) and even partnered up with Daniella for a forro. It was hilarious! Left at around 2.30am (it was only 1.30am but with the start of daylight savings today, the clocks are now an hour ahead) - just couldn't keep up anymore!

Sunday, 28th September 2008: Popped my head in at Southern Cross Bar around 4.30pm today to bid Sharon goodbye. Yes, Sharon's flying off to Melbourne on Tuesday to start a new life there and invited friends over for a final catch up and drinks. Oh, we'll miss you so much, girlfriend!! But we'll see you in a few weeks and have a blast at Rarotonga :) Best wishes in your new endeavours in Melbourne! Photos taken on Sharon's camera at her farewell: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157610579313954/detail/

Tonight was also the finals of the Salsa/Ceroc/Rock-n-Roll dance heats and the place was just so packed. Friends Nicola and Kanaka were competing in the salsa section tonight - good luck and burn that dancefloor! Not sure what the results of the competition was as I left before the competition ended.

I cannot believe I'm back at work tomorrow. I need another weekend to recover from my weekend!


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