Salsa Ball 70s New York Style at Loaded Hog (23rd August 2008)

Tonight was another night of full-on dancing at the Loaded Hog. The theme for the ball this time was the 70s and it was nice to see several people dress up for the occasion (naughty me, I didn't dress up because I had no time to look for something suitable). Oh my god, you should have seen Scott - I could hardly recognise him when he walked in the door in his wig and huge shades! Very retro, man! :)

I danced so much my legs hurt but it was a blast! Was glad I was there last night - it was very well received this time with lots of new faces too. Yay, new blood in the dance scene! Photos taken tonight by and with friends:

Ramnish and Stacey

Tia (fellow salsera visiting from Auckland) and I couldn't help but grab on
to new hottie in town, Scott

A close-up of Scott - I could hardly recognise him!!

Me and boys Hiirini and Luciano


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