Night out with Kalwant (16th August 2008)

It's Sunday morning and I'm still in the same clothes I've worn last night. It's a beautiful day today to go out for a walk but I need to fix this sore throat and minor headache, the result of having one too many drinks last night. One of my apartment block residents was giving me the "ah-a, I know what you did last night" look because I returned home this morning at 9am in my party clothes. Yeah right, all I did was stay the night at Kalwant's - was in no condition to drive home and I wasn't out and about with any boy! Our dear Kalwant was still in bed when I left. Hmm, my lips still has the tingling sensation from the buffalo wings we had last night, Kalwant - spicy!!

Ok, let me have a quick shower and re-fuel myself with another coffee before I start right back...

The initial plan last night was for Kalwant and I to attend another singles party, this time held at D4 on Featherston Street. I found out about the event in my weekly event search and since Kalwant was around this weekend (she has been away up Mt Ruapehu skiiing/snowboarding most weekends), we decided to check it out. The DUO Mingling Party was hosting their first singles party and all we had to do was register ourselves on their website and turn up. Cost $20 per person for entry, nibbles and a bubbly. We were not out there to seriously look for a partner but just do something different, have some fun and meet new people so we had no expectations of what the night would be or what type of people we would meet.

Around 6.30pm, I headed over to Kalwant's place for wine and chat before we headed over to D4. Haha, you would not believe what we did when we got to the entrance of the bar - we decided to head back into town and skip the party altogether! At 8pm, the place was pretty dead and as small clusters of people started to go in, there were only women, women and more women! I think in the short span of time we stood outside making our decision, we only saw 4 guys, all of which were kind of old for our age. Hmm, perhaps we should put the $20 to better use elsewhere...

Back into my car to Kalwant's and had some dinner while we polished off the remaining bottle of wine opened earlier. Gosh girl, I could feel myself a wee bit tipsy! Kalwant had offered me to stay the night at her place and not bother about driving for the night (I'm often the sober driver so couldn't drink). Ok, let's go out then!

First stop, we headed to Latinos Bar - there was an Argentine Party tonight which I was invited to so we thought to stop by to see what is was all about. It was supposed to be music and dancing (well, that was kind of my impression). Bumped into Scott and Yvonne at the entrance and was told that the place was dead (this was around 10pm). Bizarre - why were all the places we planned to go so quiet tonight? Oh well, no worries. So instead of going into Latinos, Kalwant, Scott and I headed over to Hawthorn Lounge for a drink. We girls had a Toblerone cocktail suggested by Scott. Hmm, very chocolaty and yummy...and Scott was a darling to toast marshmellows for us too :) It was a very busy night at Hawthorn Lounge. I think I would still prefer when it's much quieter and people could enjoy the ambience, chat and drink.

Scott headed home after our drinks so Kalwant and I continued our night out and went to Madame Jo Jo's for another drink and some dancing. Again, it was pretty quiet - we were the only 2 girls on the dancefloor for awhile! The night was still young but my body was so telling me it was way past my bedtime. Yawn...

We ended our night grabbing a bite at the Four Kings, watching the Olympics (woo-hoo - gold medal for NZ!) and rugby on the big screens (Four Kings is a sports bar) and catching up with Sunita (she works there). Boy were those buffalo wings spicy! By 1am, we were both knackered and tipsy - time to hit the sack, girlfriend! It was a great night out. Have a get a few others to do this again and leave my car at home next time :)


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