Latin Dance Night @ Madame Jo Jo's (3rd August 2008)

Tonight, I went to another salsa dance party hosted by Salsa Therapy. It was a the first time they held the party at Madame Jo Jo's at The Temperance and boy was it a hit!

I had invited friends Rosel and Claus to come along this time. Rosel couldn't make it so I headed to The Temperance with Claus. I've never danced with Claus before so this would be a first :) And you wouldn't believe how small Wellington is - turned out that he used to take classes with Lily and Ramnish! Even Mervyn was there! Mervyn is another one of Ramnish's and Lily's students and a family friend of mine. Was cool to be able to dance with the boys, even if they only knew a few moves (they were so apologetic about it - don't worry about it!) - what matters is that they are putting what they've learnt on the dancefloor and having fun! That's how it all begins!

It was also a semi-reunion in a sense our Germans boys are back in town - yep, Thomas and Ron have both returned from Europe and that brings back up the boy count of our regular salsa gang. Jessica also returned from Brazil - yay! Everyone's back!! Welcome back people!! You've all been missed :)

And did I mention that I am SO impressed with Lily - at 9 months of pregnancy, she's still dancing and teaching salsa in heels! Woo-hoo, you go woman!!

Frankly, I was not expecting such a fantastic turn-out tonight (it was a Sunday after all) - I danced so much to a point I couldn't sleep that night! Obviously my body was wide awake from the 2 hours plus of dancing hehe...We'll need to have another salsa party here soon! Photos taken by Ramon tonight:

A very packed dancefloor in Madame Jo Jo's

Here's me putting Mervyn's dance skills to the test

Regardless of space, we will manage a rueda!

A lovely photo of Ramon and Annie

And to the right...1,2...and to the left...1,2...(Rafael leading the moves)


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