It's been a crazy week (4th - 7th August 2008)

This week has been CRAZY!!! Work was up to my nose level and still so much to do!! On top of work, I've recently started my online project management course so have to fit in an hour's worth of study time into my already busy working week. Eeks! I NEED a holiday....

Tuesday and Wednesday evening was spent teaching more samba de gafieira dance moves to friends. Christian and Stacey are the only remaining couple from the start of the year and they are doing so well! I'm so happy and impressed that they were able to pick up a new combo Helbert and I showed them, made up of a few difficult moves like peao and puladinho. Yay! Practising puladinho can be uncomfortable for many as you have to dance literally pelvis to pelvis and yes, it probably looks like something else and not a dance move but when you get it right, it's nice. Not Stacey's favourite dance move at the moment hehe...Paula, a Chilean friend of mine and Helbert came to join us on Tuesday. She was a quick learner (ah, dance runs in the Latina blood!) and we went to her apartment to teach her more moves on Wednesday, this time with another gafieira newbie, Brazilian guy Luciano. Luciano's a new salsa dancer and like Paula, saw Helbert and I dance gafieira at Brazealand last week and was keen to learn. Great! Another couple to join our gafieira group :)

On Thursday, I caught up with Amilie Taylor from trustyle for a free 1/2 hour consultation. I had met Amilie once at an Xmas function and she is the owner of a company that provides services and consultations on how to wear clothes and accessories best for you. It was interesting to chat with her. From our conversation, I found out that I've been missing out on lots of fantastic cheap clothing shops in the Hutt area since I rarely venture out of Wellington City! I'm really missing out!! She provides several packaged services including girls night out fashion parties, wardrobe revamp and hens night parties. Hmm, perhaps something Hew might be keen to do for her hens night??

Oh yeah, I don't think I've mentioned that I've recently started beginners bellydancing classes with Traysi on Cuba St (upstairs of Indeja). For the last few Thursdays, I've been at the 1-hour class learning how to isolate parts of my body. You think bellydancing is just all about hip moving and easy? Hell no! It's actually hard work on the ab muscles, thighs and arms - I get ab cramps after class!! But I enjoy the class, with the exception of this particular teenager who blocks my mirror view most weeks and dances like a slapper in front of me (it's sheer torture watching her). I wonder what is her reason behind learning the dance...For me, it is something about self-expression and controlling parts of the body that makes it interesting and challenging. Plus I get to incorporate what I learn here into my other dances!

If you're wondering whether I'm still swimming and going to the gym at 6am in the morning, the answer is I've swapped it to lunch or after work sessions now. Too cold these days to get up so early. But I've been slacking and not going as often due to this on and off cold I keep catching. No time to be sick!


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