BI Guinness Appreciation Society first meeting (15th August 2008)

At the end of an insanely busy work week, a few of us gets a bit kooky and often cure our day with humour. Sam and Jonesy decided to gang up against Camila today and had posters of her stuck around the office - she was one of the FBI top ten most wanted fugitive for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for the misuse of company credit card (which is so untrue). The two rascals probably had it up while Camila was away from her desk. They somehow managed to get a copy of her passport photo...note to self, NEVER leave personal stuff lying around unattended, especially when Sam and Jonesy are around. Other staff members were found staring at the posters and sniggering to themselves, causing more of us to stop and see what was so funny. I couldn't help it but got Camila to stand next to her fugitive poster for a photo. See what I have to put up with working with these people? :)

Today was also the first BI Guinness Appreciation Society (B.I.G.A.S.) meeting, our team's own social drinking club, so most of us chipped in for drinks and chips, and the members of the club donned on their B.I.G.A.S. black t-shirts (I still need to order mine). I'm not a Guinness drinker but these are the group of people I have regular Friday drinks with so Jeremy got some Kilkenny for me (yes, I know - I'm special!). The committee is made up of Ashvin, Sam and Jeremy and they did a good job organising the get-together. Jeremy even made posters to put up like banners! Photos taken today:


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